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General guidelines for Ph.D. students

Ph.D. student are accepted for a twelve month trial period.

Immediately on the acceptance date, the students are required to fill in the advisor (a staff member whose academic rank is that of a senior lecturer or higher and who has agreed to act as their advisor) form in The Kreitman School website

Within 3 month from the acceptance date, the students are required to formally propose a thesis title by filling the form in The Kreitman School website (above).

Within a year from the acceptance date, the students are required to submit a research proposal to the Graduate students' Committee of the Kreitman School. Before submission, the research proposal should be approved by your advisor and by the departmental graduate committee.

One year after the Thesis defense exam, and every year until the Thesis is submitted, the students are required to submit a progress report on their progress. The progress report should be submitted after the approval of their accompanying committee.


As part of the PhD curriculum the students are also required to:

1. Take a total of 6-10 credits towards the doctoral degree, as determined by your advisor. The courses must be completed within three years from the date of acceptance.

2. Take the course "Scientific writing in English" (without credit).

3. Participate in seminars and workshops according to the requirements of your department

(Without credit).

4. Give at least one seminar lecture dealing with your research topic (in the last year of your studies) in your department.

At the beginning of each semester the students must register (by internet) the courses they are taking for that semester. In case the student is not taking any courses he/she must register to "research" 10-3-0051.


Instructions for course & research registration –2nd. Semester 2017


Instructions for course registration –2nd   Semester 2017

Students for Ph.D. studies (codes 3)

·         Studies for the 2nd semester of 2017 will begin on Monday March 13, 2017.


·         School regulations, general information, forms and announcements can be found in the Kreitman School Website
Registration Period
·         The Internet website for registration will be accessible from

       19.2.2017 14:00 until 9.3.2017   23:59.


  • Late registration and changes via Internet can be done from

13.3.2017 14:00 until 26.3.2016 23:59.


·         Registration for courses in all the departments is done by students independently on the Internet.

·         All the course rosters appear under: “Information services for students and candidates” “Course information” and each specific departmental course roster.

·         Doctoral students must register before each semester during all their years of study;   if a student does not register for studies, his/her scholarship is revoked.

·         Students are personally responsible for online registration. Students who do not register on time there studies will be discontinued. Students requesting late registration, after the “period of changes”, may do so only via the Secretary of the Kreitman School and will pay a “late fine” of 266 NIS (unless just cause can be proven, e.g. I.D.F. reserve duty or certified illness).

·         After completing registration, you must print out copies of the course-registration and the temporary confirmation documents, which prove registration. If you wish to have these forms certified/stamped, this can be done at the Kreitman School office.   

Instructions for course registration

  • Students who have completed their course requirements, or are not attending lectures and are only doing their research, must register via internet to “Research” course no.  10. 3.0051.

  • A student who has submitted his/her thesis to the Kreitman School for approval is not required to register online.

  • Every student has to study 6-10 credits in coordination with his/her advisor (courses must be from advance studies) The courses must be completed within three years from the date of acceptance. ) Students must register to courses in accordance to the academic regulation, the acceptance letter and/or defense exam committee recommendations.

  • Students may take a course of up to 3 credits given by the advisor. If the course given by the advisor credits more than 3 credits, the student will be credited only with 3  credit points.

  • Students may not take a "guided reading course" with the advisor.

  • A doctoral student wishing to take a bachelors-level course must first get the consent   of the department giving that course. Bachelors-level courses will not acknowledge academic credits.

  • Workshops and Language course will not acknowledge academic credits.

  • Students wishing to take courses given by Ph.D. students (including courses for  Masters Studies), will not be credited with academic credit points.

  • Students who have been requested to take supplementary courses (courses that you will not receive credits) have to take additional 6-10 credits in coordination with the  advisor.

  • Every student should register once during their studies for the Seminar they have to  give on their PhD thesis. The Seminar should take place in the final year and includes the final results of the research. The no. of the course is 10.3.0061

  • The course "scientific writing in English", is mandatory for all PhD students who  began their studies from October 2012. The course will not be acknowledged for academic credits.

  • A doctoral student wishing to take a course from another department must first turn to that department and request that the course be appropriately marked (for population 3, his/her home department), and only then can it be registered online.
  • Every new Ph.D. student who has a teaching assistant position at the University must also attend the one-year course “Preparation for graduate teaching assistantship”,  course no. 900.5.9001, which gives no academic credit.

  • Training in Chemical & Biological Safety –an online course. Mandatory for all  students exposed to risk factors in the laboratory, who are working in the laboratory at least 4 hours a day, three times a week, for two months a year. These students are required to take the course each year during the PhD studies. For questions on this subject please contact Anna Bialik – phone number 08-6479479 or email (no credit)
Request for Inter-university PhD Studies
·      A student wishing to take a course at another institution must register for “Research” and the code will be 10.3.0051.

  • In addition, a detailed request form must be submitted, justifying the reasons for studying at another institution (including the full details of the other institution, the course’s name and number and syllabus) The form must be signed by the student’s Thesis Supervisor (Mentor).

Request for Leave of Absence
  • A student requesting a leave of absence from studies is required to submit a request form not later than 2 weeks after the start of the semester.

Request of Extension of PhD Studies
  • A student who has completed 4 years of study, but has not yet submitted the thesis for approval, must submit a request form for the extension of the submission date, with the Thesis Supervisor’s (Mentor’s) approval and that of the Head of the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee.


A PhD student who has given birth during the PhD studies period will be entitled for a one year extension of studies. In this case, the student should submit an extension form along with a certificate of birth.


All forms can be downloaded from the Kreitman School website



Advisor'/s' appointment &Ph.D. Thesis topic approval web system

 Advisor'/s' appointment confirmation form/s - link to our on line form

Proposed Ph.D. Thesis topic approval form -  link to our on line form


Guidelines for Submission of Research Proposal

Guidelines for Submission of Research Proposal


1.      The Research Proposal, written in Hebrew or English, is to be submitted to the Office for Research Students not later than 12 months from the date of the student’s acceptance to doctoral studies. Students in the "Combined Program" must submit their Research Proposal during the first month of their studies.

Students in the direct track must submit their research program by the end of the first month of the fifth semester of their studies.


2.      Submission of the Research Proposal and Accompanying Forms


2.1              After approval by the Thesis Advisor and the Head of the   

            Departmental Graduate Studies Committee, the student is required to

            submit 5 typed copies on A4 paper.

2.2              One copy must also be submitted via E-mail in PDF format.

2.3              The Research Proposal itself should not exceed 20 pages**, not     

             counting the bibliography (longer Proposals will be rejected).



3.      Contents of the Research Proposal

3.1              A title-page (see following example) approved and signed by the    

                   Advisor and by the Head of the Departmental Committee.

3.2       A one-page Hebrew abstract for a Hebrew Thesis and two single-paged

            Hebrew and English abstracts for a non-Hebrew Thesis.

Foreign students are exempt from including a Hebrew abstract in the proposal .

 The final thesis will include an abstract in Hebrew and an abstract in English, that will be a direct translation of each.

3.3               The goal of the research and the main Thesis hypotheses.

3.4               The significance of the work and its scientific background.

3.5               Anticipated innovations resulting from this research.

3.6               Prior research and publications on this topic.

3.7               The research methodology; the techniques and stages towards proving   

              the hypotheses.

3.8                 Bibliographic references from the academic literature in the field.

3.9                 A preliminary outline of the entire work (Humanities students only).

3.10          Initial results indicating the practicality of the Proposal


4.      Students in the “Combined Program” must also include a section describing their Masters’ research, their results and findings, and their interim conclusions. This section must be sufficiently detailed so that the reader can judge the quality and breadth of the prior work, to assess its contribution to the solution of the general problem.

**NOTE: In the case of "Combined Program" students--the Research Proposal may be up to 60 pages in length, including the bibliography. For the Humanities, it may be up to 100 pages, including the bibliography.




Example of a title-page page:



Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Research Proposal for a Ph.D. Thesis




English title

Hebrew title





Student's name



Advisor's name and signature:


Head of Departmental Committee's name and signature:


Progress Report

 Student Guidelines for Submission of Progress Reports

 1. A report should be submitted once a year (as per the date written in the "change of status letter" after the Thesis proposal exam) each year until your completed and approved Thesis has been submitted to the Kreitman School.

2. The front page of the report should include: the research topic, the academic unit in which the research is taking place and the period covered by the report.

3. The report should include information on: research progress, scientific publications and active participation in scientific conferences during the year covered by the report.

4. The final report, before submission of the Thesis, should also include a summary of all your achievements accomplished during the Ph.D. research process.

5. Reports should not exceed five pages.

6. In addition to each report, please attach a ca.50-word abstract detailing your main activities of past year, emphasizing what you did to promote your research.

7. Be advised that delays in submitting your reports may affect your scholarship and/or the continuation of your studies.



8. The "internal examiners" of the research proposal defense exam committee are required to serve as members of the students' "accompanying committee" till the completion of  her/his studies. As members of the committee they are required to meet with the student once a year, approve the annual progress report, and fill in the evaluation form.
The student's progress report will not be approved if the accompanying committee's evaluation form is not received at the Kreitman School office.



9.Progress Reports must be approved by your Advisor and the Head of the Departmental Committee





for printing -




Edited Progress Report form   6.doc Progress Report form 6.doc


Instructions for Preparing Ph.D. Thesis


Instructions for Preparing the Ph.D. Thesis

1.      After finishing the paper, a scientific abstract must be prepared (according to the proper format found in paragraph 6) and using the correct terminology as found in the professional literature. The style must be acceptable for publication in both the Hebrew and the English sections.

2.      The thesis is usually written in Hebrew or in English. The Thesis should be checked by a language editor, except for published articles incorporated in the body of the Thesis.

3.      The Thesis must be submitted to the Kreitman School Office after being approved by the Advisor/s as follows:

·         2 copies (which will not be returned).

·         All two, in temporary (spiral) bindings,

·          Typed on white A4 paper.

·         Hebrew texts should be in 12-point David font and English texts should be in 12-point New Times Roman font

·          Margins on all sides with a line-and-a-half spacing between the lines of text.


4.      The Thesis will include both Hebrew and English abstracts. Each abstract should be about 5% of the volume of the entire work. Following the abstract, the student should provide a list of keywords in Hebrew and English.


5.      The student should submit the thesis binding pages as follows:


·         Both the Hebrew and English cover-titles should be blue (see the cover paper.doccover paper.doc).

·         The inside title-pages (immediately following the covers, as in the attached example) should be equivalent on both the Hebrew and English sides.

·         The parallel half-title pages (following both title-pages) should include the name/s of the Thesis Advisor/s and the name/s of the Faculty/ies and Department/s for which the research was done (as in the attached example).

·         The parallel 3rd pages should contain acknowledgements and thanks, as per the student’s wishes.

·         The parallel 4th pages may contain special dedications or quotations, as per the student’s wishes.

·         Please note, the date on the thesis should be the actual day of submission.


6.      After the binding pages come the tables-of-contents, lists of illustrations or tables (optional), the parallel abstracts and the main text of the Thesis, including:


a)      An introduction, including a detailed explanation of the purpose and goals of the research, a description of all the relevant data already known on the subject and a review of all the other existing research on the same subject.

b)      A description of the research and its results, describing all the methods and techniques used, but leaving the results for other chapters.

c)      A discussion of the research process and what conclusions were reached, which hypotheses were confirmed or negated, comparing these conclusions with those reached previously by other relevant researchers.

d)     A bibliography.


7.      All the equations and tables in the body of the work should each be numbered consecutively.


8.       The length of the Thesis—Students from the Faculties of Health Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and the Management Sciences may not submit more than 100 pages (not including: appendices, abstracts, graphs, keywords and  the bibliography).


In case the thesis includes qualitative research it may not exceed 250 pages

(not including: appendices, abstracts, graphs, keywords and  the bibliography).



Humanities students may not exceed 350 pages in length (including: appendices, abstracts, graphs, keyword lists, and the bibliography.


9.       After the Panel of Judges has approved the Thesis and the Kreitman School has made the official announcement, 5 complete, bound copies, signed by the Thesis Advisor/s and approved by the Dean of the Kreitman School and one complete copy on a CD are to be submitted to the Kreitman School Office. Two of these bound copies and the digital copy are sent to the Aranne Library, 2 go to the student's department and 1 remains in the Kreitman School Office.


10.  The Ph.D. Thesis may also be submitted as a collection of articles –

11.The Ph.D. Thesis may be also submitted as a collection of chapters-


Instructions for collection of articles

Thesis Evaluation Process

1.    Two temporary, spiral-bound copies and one digital copy on a CD of the entire Ph. D. Thesis must be submitted as per the following submission instructions.

2.    The Kreitman School will send a request for a list of the potential, recommended judge-candidates to the Chairperson of the Departmental/Faculty Committee and a copy of that request to the advisor.

3.    The final list of judge-candidates is determined by the Research Students' Committee.

4.    The Kreitman School then turns to the external judge-candidates, seeking their agreement to judge the work.

5.    After attaining their agreement the Thesis is sent out for evaluation.

6.    The Judges' Panel usually has 3 Judges – 2 external Judges (not at BGU) and one at BGU.

7.    An Email confirmation is sent to the student and his/her Advisor once the Judges have received the Thesis.

8.    If the Judges' evaluations are delayed, reminders are issued.

9.    Once their judgments have been received, their evaluation reports are Emailed to the student and his/her Advisor.

10. If corrections of the Thesis are required, they are to be submitted to the Kreitman School in accordance with the instructions distributed with the Judges' evaluations (Note that each individual Judge on the Panel is represented by a number and must provide a separate, numbered evaluation along with the approval and signature/s of the Thesis Advisor/s.)

11. If the corrections are made and approved as per the requirements, then the Thesis goes to the Research Students' Committee for approval. After it is approved by the Committee, the recommendation of the Committee to grant the Ph.D. degree is passed along to the BGU Senate, which usually convenes once every month and a half.

12. While the recommendation is passed on to the Senate, the student is asked to submit final copies of the Thesis and its accompanying material in accordance with instructions sent to him/her. 

Confirmation of the degree

After the degree has been approved by the University Senate, the student receives official certification from the Kreitman School, confirming that he/she is eligible to receive a Ph. D. degree – "Doctor of Philosophy." The official date of eligibility is the date on the final Judges' Panel report, unless corrections have been required; in such a case, the official date of eligibility is the date on which last corrections were approved. The student may use the titles "Ph. D."  or "Dr." only after the official date (as above).


Granting of the degree

Ph. D. certificates are awarded at a special ceremony for the granting of degrees, held once a year in the Summer, without ranking, e.g. "with excellence."

The judging process is a long one and we do the best we can to shorten it. Thus, a student intending to go abroad for his/her post-doctoral studies must submit the Thesis as early as possible (at least half a year before leaving Israel), in order to receive official  notification of eligibility in due time.


Instructions for Submitting the Final Version of the Ph.D. Thesis

First, the Research Students' Committee passes its recommendation on to the BGU Senate, that you be granted a Ph.D. degree. After the Senate renders its approval, the student will be sent a letter confirming his/her eligibility for the degree (after he/she has fulfilled all his/her obligations to the University).

The student is requested to submit to the Kreitman School (at one time and together with the Aranne Library permit):

1. 5 signed and dated copies of the approved Thesis (bearing the original date of submission to the Judges' Panel on the cover) bound in blue thermal-binding covers. The text may be printed on both sides of the page. (The Advisor/s are to be given their copies personally, and these are not included in the 5 copies for the Kreitman School.).

2. A digital PDF copy of the entire Thesis on a CD bearing the student's name.

3. Hebrew and English abstracts, 1-2 pages in length (in the hard copy), as in the example below:

Write on a separate page (do not use the inside title-page of the Thesis):

The Thesis topic ____________________________________________

The name of the student submitting:_____________________________

The name of the Advisor/s_____________________________________

The abstract_________________________________________________

4. In addition, these abstracts should also be submitted digitally on a separate CD in two formats--PDF and Word.

5. A recent passport photo with the student's name written on the back.

6. The Aranne Library permit, confirming that you have no outstanding Library books or fines.

7. A form confirming the deposit of the Ph. D. Thesis in the Aranne Library—to be returned to the Kreitman School with the copies being submitted.

(Remember to have the Advisor sign this form.)

Please submit all the above within a month of receipt of confirmation.

The Degree Awards Ceremony will usually take place each year in June.