As communications assume an increasingly central part in society, interest in the subject and the need to understand its role also grow.  The BGU Department of Communications Studies provides academic knowledge, which includes basic concepts and tools for wise media consumption.



The Department of Communications Studies operates in three main areas: new media, new media industries, and multiculturalism in media. Our program is solely academic, and seeks to help create a contemporary media landscape, to determine its structure, how it treats different subjects and serves various audiences in Israel.  



Studies address institutional views and technologies of different means of communications in their social and cultural contexts. The program does not provide professional training, but academic knowledge that enables students to find their places in communications organizations, such as newspapers, broadcast networks, public relations offices, or advertising agencies.

The Department is research oriented; it offers an undergraduate BA program, as well as MA and PhD programs. All classes are taught in Hebrew.



The Department addresses the subjects of the media and Israeli Arabs, gays, immigrants, the Ultra-Orthodox, disabled, and elderly. It offers practical experience in media activism, through work with NGOs and campaigns. We engage with civil society, employing different media and making the media more democratic.



Areas of research include:

v How people with disabilities use the media

v How toddlers learn through media

v The media needs of marginalized communities like refugees, the Bedouin and the Ultra-Orthodox

v Knowledge and the media – how journalists craft facts

v The media behavior of stigmatized people, such as childless women and those suffering from anorexia nervosa


We are the only Communications department in Israel granted membership in ICORE (Israel Centers for Research Excellence) in the LINKS (Learning for Network Society) program.