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Dear visitor,
Welcome to the Information Systems Engineering (ISE) department at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev, the largest information systems school in Israel. The ISE program includes over 400 students in the last 5 years(2007-2012): about 350 undergraduate and more than 50 graduate students.
Our goal is to train high quality engineers that will actively participate in managing, designing, planning, implementation, and deployment of computerized information systems for production and management.
The information systems engineering curriculum is inter-disciplinary and includes, alongside classic information systems courses, a wide variety of courses in computer science, mathematics, statistics, operations research, engineering, economics, and management.
In addition to teaching, the ISE department places strong emphasis on research in the advanced areas of information technologies such as machine learning and data mining, information security and assurance, artificial intelligence, and medical informatics.