Nov. 07, 2017

​​​​On November 1st, the Water Council and BGU's Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research  signed an agreement that calls for collaboration on water-related applied research aimed at introducing new technologies into the global marketplace through Wisconsin's National Science Foundation sponsored Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) for Water Equipment and Policy (WEP).  The agreement is the initial step in setting up the first National Science Foundation center in Israel. 

“The Zuckerberg Institute is pleased to be partnering with The Water Council to increase our collaboration opportunities, share our research and explore commercialization opportunities for our innovation," says Zuckerberg Institute Director Prof. Noam Weisbrod . “While we share different water challenges, we look forward to complementing each other in addressing water quality issues." 

Once that partnership is finalized, Wisconsin universities and U.S. companies would have access to promising research being conducted by Zuckerberg Institute researchers and be connected to some of Israel's innovative water technology companies. Likewise, Zuckerberg Institute would be able to present its research to some of the world's leading water companies and the Israeli businesses would have access to innovative research being conducted at UWM and Marquette.

Read about this also on the Times of Israel and on BGU's main website.