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The Jacob Blaustein
Institutes for Desert Research
Jan. 25, 2016
The behavior of an animal is its first line of defense against a changing environment, and the way an animal behaves can rescue it from anthropogenic (man-made) dangers or doom it to extinction. This makes the discipline of behavioral ecology an important tool at the hands of conservation biologists and practitioners. A new book, edited by Dr. Oded Berger-Tal and Prof. David Saltz from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and published by Cambridge University Press, thoroughly explores the field of Conservation Behavior – a relatively new field that aims to take behavioral ecology theories and methodologies and apply them to the conservation and management of species and habitats. BGU is one of the world’s leading institutes in this field offering conservation behavior and other related courses as part of the syllabus of its new Ecology, Conservation and Management graduate program.