The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism
(in alphabetical order)

Name Area of Research
 Dr. Natan Aridan


 Political and Diplomatic History
 (Israel's Foreign Relations, Israel-Diaspora Relations


 Dr. Avi Bareli
 Political History (the Israeli political system)

 Dr. Michael Feige z"l
 In Memory of Dr. Michael Feige
 Israeli Sociology and Anthropology
 (Israeli society, collective memory, and political myth)
 Prof. Tuvia Friling


Political History
(Zionist leaders' role in the nation-building
processes in the pre-state Yishuv and the State of Israel)

Dr. Ben Herzog
  Israeli Sociology and Anthropology 
 (Israeli society and politics, Comparative and Historical   
 Sociology, Zionism and Israeli Citizenship)

 Dr. Paula Kabalo
 Social History (Third Sector and civil society 
 in Israel, youth movements, historiography)

 Dr. Nahum Karlinsky
Economic and Social History (economy and society in Israel, Jewish fundamentalism, Israeli identity)

 Dr. Gideon Katz
 Jewish Thought and Philosophy 
 (Secularism and traditionalism; State and Religion)

 Prof. Esther Meir
 Iraqi Jews in the 20th century.
 The Zionist activities in Iraq.
 Identity, memory and history of Iraqi Jews in Israel.
 The immigration of Yemenite Jewry to the State of Israel. 
 Mizrahim and the ethnic question in Israel.
 Prof. David Ohana Intellectual history and Philosophy (Israeli thinkers 
 and intellectuals, new trends in historiography
 and in the social sciences)
 Dr. Kobi Peled

 Social and Cultural History of the Palestinian Arabs in
 general and of the Israeli Arabs in particular; history
 of collective remembrance,  urbanization and social


Prof. Arieh Saposnik
 Jewish Nationalism
 Construction of National Identities
 Secularization and Re-Sacralization in Jewish Nationalism
 Zionism and the Christian Holy Land
 Zionism, Territorialism, and Competing Conceptions 
 of the Jewish Nation

 Prof. Zaki Shalom


 Political History  (Israel's foreign policy)
 Prof. Moshe Shemesh
 Political History (The Arab-Israeli conflict,
 the emergence and development of the Palestinian
 national movement)
 Prof. Ofer Shiff  
 Cultural and Social History (Israel-Diaspora relations;
 Holocaust consciousness in Israeli society; Zionism
 and the question of nationalism and anti-Semitism)
 Dr. Zvi Shiloni
 Geographical History (historical geography
 of Israel in modern times)
 Dr. Tali Tadmor Shimoni 
 History of Education (The national Hebrew education
 system from 1880s to 1960s,
 The school  playground  as an absorption arena)

 Prof. Hanna Yablonka 
 (Department of Jewish History)
History (Holocaust consciousness in Israeli society)