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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
התכנית הבינלאומית ללימודי ישראל ע"ש וודמן-שלר

 The Ben-Gurion Research Institute
for The study of Israel and Zionism:
 The Woodman-Scheller Israel Studies International Program (WSISIP)
In June 2011, the Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism inaugurated the International MA Program in Israel Studies. The program is aimed at students who wish to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of Israel and its development. With the highest concentration of Israel studies experts in the world, the Institute aims, through the International MA in Israel Studies, to share its unique insights into the Jewish People’s renewal in its homeland. The program trains its students to be leaders in their own communities – equipped with a high level of knowledge and understanding of Israel’s past and present, and poised to address the needs of the future 

Screening of the Movie: Ajami (2009)

Screening of the Movie: Ajami (2009)
26/06/2017 20:30

A Cinematic Glance on Israeli Society