The NIBN strives to create a unique, exciting atmosphere, where scientists from different disciplines of medicine, biology, computer science and engineering can freely interact. However, to create an environment conducive to pioneering ideas and products, an entity dedicated to biotechnology requires a framework distinct from existing academic models.

As the first self-organized, independent research body to be established in Israel, the NIBN functions under the auspices of BGU as a separate and distinct Institute, steered by its own Advisory Committee in which the Israeli Government, major donors and BGU have equal representation. The autonomous status of the NIBN as a not-for-profit private company under an independent Board of Directors entails an organizational structure and staff membership that differ from standard University practice.

In the words of former NIBN Director, Prof. Irun Cohen, “The NIBN operates through multi-disciplinary channels of communication and collaboration, relatively free of departmental concerns.” Indeed, with the scientific goals and timetables of the NIBN being selected and managed by scientists, more creative research is possible than could be realized within a more rigid industrial structure. At the same time, and in keeping with NIBN objectives, Institute scientists must generate research of commercial value. Membership in the Institute is, moreover, subject to scientific re-evaluation every three to five years, so as to maintain the highest standards of research at the NIBN and to ensure that the research focus of all current members remains in line with the goals of the Institute.

Generating ideas for new biotechnology applications through discovery-driven research