Research Grants:

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\Self-Stabilizing Autonomic Recoverer," $10K, 2003-2004.

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g17. Deutsche Telekom, \AAA," $120K, October 2006 (with Ehud Gudes and others).

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many (also non Israeli) partners (with Guy Tel-Zur, and Hugo Guterman).

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215270, FRONTS, 200K Euro, 2007-2010.

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with Michael Segal and Ohad Ben-Shahar), $35K 2008, $55K 2009, $55K 2010.

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TM) EU Cost, April 2010.

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Guy Leshem).

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$75K (one of four across the world) 2011.


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Optical Computing," 144K Shekels, 2011-2013.

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Gilboa) 2012-2014.

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Shwartzman and Gensler families, \Deterring attacks against critical IT infrastructure," 80K

Shekels, (with Niv Gilboa), 2012-2014.

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(with Asaf Cohen and Niv Gilboa), 2012-2015.

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Shekels, (with Niv Gilboa), 2014-present.

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David) 2014-present.

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Ukelson) 2014-present.

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Computing," (with Amos Beimel and Niv Gilboa), 600k Shekels, 2015-present.

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Replicated Software Services Under Cyber Attacks," (with Roberto Baldoni), 2015-present.

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Protection in Virtualized Cloud," (with Yeali Sun), 2015-present.


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Robots in Environmental Disaster Recovery", (with Fukuhito Ooshita), 2018-present.

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