​Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can apply to NHSA?

NHSA is open to all BGU faculty members in the computing disciplines.
2) Why should I join NHSA?

You will gain experience and benefit from the accelerator activities and atmosphere and gain direction and the right mindset for your startup.
3) Are the programs limited to specific sectors?

Computing disciplines. 

4) Is my startup a fit for NHSA?

 If it is prior seed investment, or if the seed investment is/was not sufficient.

5) Can I return to NHSA with a different startup?

Yes, you can.  Faculty members who have previously been part of NHSA are also eligible to bring their new ideas and teams to the accelerator.

6) Can I attend another program or accelerator at the same time I am at NHSA?

Yes, as long as your startup pays 50 shekels a month maintenance fee. You can pay out of pocket or from grants.

Have more questions? Contact us directly and we’ll get back to you.