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Dr.Assaf Meshulam
I am a senior lecturer in the School of Education at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (PhD UW-Madison), and Head of the Department of Learning Management and Policy. My research orientation is critical education studies and education for social justice. My current research projects focus on schools educating for democracy, particularly two-way bilingual schools in Israel and the US; educational policy, particularly school choice of parents from minoritized communities; and democratization of the educational space.
Dr. Towibah Majdoob
​I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University, under the supervision of Dr. Assaf Meshulam, conducting research on school choice amongst Arab-Palestinian parents in Israel. I received my PhD from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University. My doctoral dissertation dealt with the experience of late singlehood among women and men in Palestinian society. My current main research interests focus on: Palestinian society; education, culture, gender, and singlehood; and racism and inequality.
Orwa Sedawi
I am a doctoral student in the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. My research focuses on identity characteristics of Palestinian high-school graduates who attended Israeli-Jewish schools. Over the past few years, my professional experience has included working as a cluster coordinator and as a facilitator of pedagogical processes in schools in the Southern District of Israel. I have also taught science and mathematics in Bedouin schools and professional development courses to teachers and pedagogical coordinators.
Siwar Abu Much
​I am a PhD student in the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University.  My current research is focused on social and educational aspects of Arab society in Israel, from which I come, focusing on a possible mechanism that can be activated in the relationship between Arab and Jewsh society. I have an MSc. in science teaching (Hebrew University) and an MA (Tel-Aviv University)  in educational administration and leadership. In an addition, I am a teacher and have worked in areas of innovative pedagogy over the years.  
Shlomi Amsalem
​I am completing my MA thesis in the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University, on the considerations of masorti parents in choosing an elementary school for their children. I am a workshop facilitator for youth and teaching staff and am a motivational speaker on appearing before audiences and in the media. I currently run Kvutzat Mastik, a company that engages in development and implementation of educational processes through task experience and ODT. 

Yasmin Abu Saad 
I am an MA student in the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University and a high-school English teacher. My research interest focuses on alternative education, particularly in Arab-Palestinian society in Israel. My thesis explores alternative education in the Palestinian-Bedouin community, where it is a relatively new phenomenon,and  how it adds new aspects to alternative education in the general Israeli context. 
Yifat Hillel
​I am completing my MA thesis in the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University, exploring how school principals perceive the connection, or lack thereof, between their educational work and current social and political challenges in society. I am one of the founders of the Hagar Association for Bilingual Jewish-Arab Education and have held various leadership positions in education over the past decade. I am currently director of an NGO program for school principals that focuses on fostering change in schools through entrepreneurship.
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​Zohar Sitner
I am a doctoral student at the School of Education at Ben-Gurion University. My research focuses on the ways in which culturally relevant pedagogy manifests in multicultural encounters in Arabic-Hebrew bilingual educational frameworks. For my MA thesis, I conducted a study of visual images exhibited in Arabic-Hebrew bilingual kindergartens. I am currently a lecturer and pedagogical training coordinator in HaMidrasha Faculty of Arts at Beit Berl College. My research interests focus on connections between art and visual culture education, on the one hand, and critical multicultural education, on the other.
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Naama Harlev

I am a doctoral student in the School of Education at Ben-Gurion University, as well as a high-school homeroom teacher and history teacher. My research focuses on high-school teachers with a critical agenda, whose educational work manifests a pedagogy that challenges the structure and contents of the traditional public school so as to foster critical thinking in their pupils. My study examines the educational work in the school in all of its educational spaces, including outside the classroom in interactions between staff and pupils and in supplementary education frameworks like school trips and workshops. My interest in this research developed from my experience, in recent years, as part of the administrative staff at a large high-school in central Israel, where I encountered the tension between the aspiration to educate for critical thinking and the inflexibility of the education system and its agendas.​

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Dr. Avy Hemy

I am a faculty member in the MA Program for Special Education at Levinsky College of Education and a lecturer in the School of Education at Ben-Gurion University.In my original career as a documentary filmmaker, I used art as a means to facilitate marginalized individuals and communities in expressing and sounding their voices. As a researcher, I similarly engage with theories of critical education, equality, and inclusion and how photography can advance and empower marginalized populations. ​​