Elad Kuperberg -M.Sc.,Fusion of Point Target Detectors on Hyperspectral Data. (Co Advisor S. Rothman).

Aliza Drori - Ph.D.,Study of Associations between Spatial Dispersions of Ischemic Heart, Respiratory and Neurological Diseases, and Meteorological, Air Pollution and Socio-Economic Factors in Israel Negev Desert (consulting advisor Dr. S. Livnat).
E-mail: aliza.drory@gmail.com

  • Ariel Orfaig -  M.Sc.,Advanced anomaly detection algorithms for spectral mixture scenarios in hyperspectral images, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • E-mail: arielor@post.bgu.ac.il

Gefen Ronen-Eliraz -  Ph.D.,Recharge potential from a flood event in an arid area (Co Advisors H. Ginat and D.Avraham).
E-mail: gefenre@gmail


Shimrit Maman - Ph.D.,Mobility and stability of the Central Asian ergs, a study by remote sensing and geographic information systems. (Co Advisor H. Tsoar).
E-mail: tiroshs@gmail.com

Eran Ohel - Ph.D.,Spectral Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Images of Eye Retinal.
E-mail: erano@bgu.ac.il 

Paz Kuflik, M.Sc.,Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images.