Hila Blecher, M.Sc.

Detecting Anomalous Objects in Hyperspectral Data using Segmentation and Independent Component Analysis (Co Advisor S. Rothman).

E-mail: blecher@bgu.ac.il

Assaf Bashkin, M.Sc.

Automatic Cloud Masking in Weather Seattleite Images with Snow Background.

E-mail: bashkin@bgu.ac.il 

Lior Sagiv, M.Sc.

Detection and Identification of Effluent Gases by Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Hyperspectral Images.

E-mail: liorsagiv@yahoo.com 

Marina Hetz, M.A.

Estimation of the vegetation parameters (Leaf Area Index) from polarimetric SAR data.

E-mail: roymar@bgu.ac.il 

Guy Hetz, M.A.

Monitoring surface alternations in the Yamin Plateau by spaceborne images and aerial photography between 1945-2009.

E-mail: hetz@bgu.ac.il