Arthur Genis, Ph.D.

Modeling the Minimum Energy Concept for Soil Water Extraction by Roots.


Joseph Sapir, Ph.D.

Distribution changes in the semi-steppe shrublands of the transition zone between the climatic mediterranean and desert regions. (Co Advisors J. Ben-Asher and J. Garty).


Amir Natan, M.Sc.

Monitoring phytoplankton in Lake Kinneret by satellite remote sensing (Co Advisor Y Yacobi).


Shai Kaplan, M.Sc.

Monitoring Pasture Degradation in Turkmenistan using Remote Sensing (Co Advisor L. Orlovsky).


Offir Matsrafi, M.Sc.

Modeling Morphological Dynamics of Sarykamysh Lake by Remote Sensing and G.I.S (Co Advisor L. Orlovsky).


Shlomo Asis, M.Sc.

Data mining by hyper spectral imaging of a man made anomaly in a desert background.


Jorge Jesus, Ph.D.,

Geostatistical assessment of organic wheat response to soil parameters (Principal advisor J Ben Asher).