• Yoav Lehan, M.Sc,
Monitoring water quality in the Haifa Bay by satellite remote sensing
Guy Serbin, M.Sc.
Microwave Thermodielectric Behavior of Soil-Water Mixtures & Their Potential Effects on Microwave Remote Sensing (Co Advisor J Ben Asher).
Gil Revivo, M.A.
Use of remote sensing by radar (Ers-2 sar), for mapping Microtopographical roughness and threshold shear velocity in relation to Aeolian processes, demonstrated on Revivim-Zeelim area, Israel (Co Advisor H. Tsoar).
Eran Barzilai, M.A.
Geographic changes of the Ashdod coastal dunes that occurred from the mid 1940's to the mid 1990's. (Co Advisor H. Tsoar).