​​Uriya Talmud - M.Sc., Cross Wind Determination by Laser Backscattering from Atmospheric Aerosol.

E-mail: talmud@bgu.ac.il

Yuval Cohen - Ph.D., Target detection in hyperspectral images.

E-mail: cohenuv@gmail.com

Adi Maman - M.A., Development of Thermal Remote Sensing System for Water Status Monitoring and Mapping in Palm Trees for Irrigation Management and Water Stress Recognition.

E-mail: adipr@post.bgu.ac.il

Sivan Isaacson - M.A., Remote Sensing Monitoring of Drought Stress in Plants Under Climate Fluctuation in the Arava Valley.

E-mail: sivanisa@bgu.ac.il

Doron Stern - M.Sc., Improvement of the detection probability and the false alarm distribution in hyperspectral point target algorithms by using segmentation and spatial local processing methods.
E-mail: sternd@post.bgu.ac.il

Dima Shurin - MSc., Man-made target Detection in SAR Images using TAD Algorithm.

​E-mail: shurin@ee.bgu.ac.il