Renewable Energy

Facing with the growing challenges of climate change, humanity must secure its sustainable energy future and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels by developing efficient energy supply and use, increasing renewable energy utilization, and improving energy efficiency.

The BGU Center for Energy and Sustainability aims at fostering multi-disciplinary research and discussion of current issues influencing future energy and sustainability considerations on a national and international levels. 

The Center is built on the advantages of BGU as a heterogeneous academic institution with expertise in multiple aspects of energy research and aims to cultivate synergistic collaborations across different disciplines.  

The Center is founded on expertise across disciplines and different fields of knowledge and research: from the social to the natural, engineering and data sciences; and at all size scales: from the single atom to the device and system levels; from securing sustainable energy future of the single person, to that at the building, town, and region levels. Research directions may include (but are not limited to) developing, utilizing and integrating renewable energy sources; heat- and energy-efficient buildings; the energy/water nexus; sustainability, energy and society; energy consumption; planning and developing sustainable and resilient energy networks; and sustainable approaches to energy management and policy making in times of climate change.

The Center engages in, and promotes multi-disciplinary, intra- and inter- institutional and national collaboration in research and development, involving both academia and industry, aiming to make research results relevant and applicable. It operates an experts' think tank, involving in parallel academic training, promoting knowledge availability via conferences/publications etc., and a source of up-to-date knowledge for decision makers.​