​Refereed articles and refereed letters in scientific journals

Chemistry of Materials.jpg
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​​Materials Research Express.jpg
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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Optical Engineering.jpg
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Journal of Applied Physics.jpg
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Nature Scientific Reports.jpg
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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AIP Advances.jpg
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RSC Advances.jpg
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AIP Advances.jpg
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Applied Physics Letters.jpg
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AIP Advances.jpg
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Optical Materials.gif
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Journal of Materials Chemistry C.gif
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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Infrared Physics and Technology.gif
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​​Quantum Well Physics and Devices.jpg
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IEEE Trans Electron Devices.jpg
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Quantum Well.jpg
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Quantum Well.jpg
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Journal of Applied Physics.jpg
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Journal of Applied Physics.jpg
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Nuclear Science IEEE.jpg
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Journal of Applied Physics.jpg
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Philosophical Magazine.jpg

​​Editorship of collective volumes

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