Heads of Schools, Departments and Units

Prof. Boaz RafaelyProf. Boaz RafaelySchool of Electrical and Computer Engineeringecehead@bgu.ac.il+97286461334Building 33, Room 404
Prof. Oren SadotProf. Oren SadotMechanical Engineeringheadmeng@bgu.ac.il+97286477103Building 55, Room 304
Prof. Yoav TsoriProf. Yoav TsoriChemical Engineeringtsori@bgu.ac.il+97286477794Building 59, Room 314
Prof. Sigal BermanProf. Sigal BermanIndustrial Engineering and Managementiemchair@bgu.ac.il+97286461795Building 16, Room 140
Prof. Guy MakovProf. Guy MakovMaterials Engineeringmakovg@bgu.ac.il+97286461467Building 59, Room 114
Prof. Erez GiladProf. Erez GiladUnit of Nuclear Engineeringgilade@bgu.ac.il+97286472488Building 63, Room 111
Prof. Oded FaragoProf. Oded FaragoBiomedical Engineeringofarago@bgu.ac.il+97286479830Building 51, Room 224
Prof. Hanna RapaportProf. Hanna RapaportBiotechnology Engineeringhannarap@bgu.ac.il+972747795297Building 42, Room 130
Prof. Meir KalechProf. Meir KalechSoftware and Information Systems Engineeringkalech@bgu.ac.il+972747795112Building 96, Room 220
Prof. Roni SternProf. Roni SternSoftware Engineering Programsternron@post.bgu.ac.il+972747795114Building 96, Room 222
Prof. Alva PeledProf. Alva PeledCivil and Environmental Engineeringalvpeled@bgu.ac.il+97286461247Building 30, Room 311
Prof. Mark LastProf. Mark LastData Engineeringmlast@bgu.ac.il+972747795109Building 96, Room 218