M.Sc students
  • Idan Kanonitch (principal advisor: Carmi Korine): Insectivorous bats in an agro-ecosystem: how do landscape characteristics relate to bat activity and species diversity in a semi-arid environment?
  • Shlomi Aharon (co-advisor: Merav Seifan): Ecology and taxonomy of the family Pholcidae in Israel:  Species richness, geographic distributions and taxonomical revision of the genus Artema (Pholcidae, Araneae).
  • Lior Ventura (co-advisor: Shirli Bar-David): Effects of population and colony density of dispersal in a group-living spider.
  • Na’ama Berner-Aharon (2013): Dispersal in the colonial spider Cyrtophora citricola: The role of sexual selection and sexual cannibalism.
  • Huda Beiruti (2013): The effect of prey quality on diet selection of spiders in Negev wheat fields.
Ph.D students
  • Iara Sandomirsky (co-advisor: Ally Harari, Volcani Center): Sexual cannibalism in widow spiders.
  • Itai Opatovsky (2013, co-advisor: Phyllis Weintraub, Volcani Center): Interactions between a web-building immigrant spider and agrobiont spider species in wheat fields, and the effect on pest consumption in a desert agroecosystem.
  • Valeria Hochman-Adler (2012, co-advisor: Moshe Coll, HUJ): Spillover of agriculturally-subsidized arthropods to adjacent natural arid habitats: effects on community structure.
  • Reut Berger-Tal (2012): Costs and benefits of inbred sociality.
Post-doctoral fellows
  • Dr. Eric Yip (2012-present): Dispersal in a colonial spider undergoing rapid range expansion.
  • Dr. John Herrmann (2010-2011): Spiders community structure in tree habitats in a fragmented agroecosystem.

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Naama Berner-Aharon & Reut Berger-Tal