Graduated students: M.Sc. / Ph.D.

  1. Mr. Jiftach Sinai. M.Sc. Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Thesis title: Selecting a herd for reintroduction from a breeding core of large ungulates.  Co-advised with Prof. Uriel Safriel.  Graduated 1994.

  2. Mr. Amit Dolev.  M.Sc. Tel Aviiv Unievrsity.  Population expansion in space, habitat selection and vegetation influence in reintroduced Persian Fallow Deer (Dama dama mesopotamica). Co-advised with Prof. Yoram Yom Tov.  Graduated 1999.

  3. Mr. Amir Pearlberg.  M.Sc. Tel Aviv University.  Seasonal home ranges and reproductive success of Persian fallow deer. Co-advised with Prof. Yoram Yom Tov.  Graduated 2000.

  4. Mr. Regev Manor. M. Sc. Ben Gurion University. Human impacts on mountain gazelle in a heavily disturbed and fragmented area of the southern coastal plain, Israel. Graduated 2001.

  5. Dr. Natalya Ruiz.  Ph..D. Ben Gurion University of the Negev.  Genotype X environment interactions in desert lilies. Co-advising with Dr. David Ward.   Graduated 2001.

  6. Ms. Anat Levi. M. Sc. Ben Gurion University.  Population genetics of a desert geophyte  (Pancratium sickenbergeri) existing in isolated patches and different habitats in the Negev desert,  Israel.  Graduated 2002.

  7. Dr. Shirli Bar David.  Ph.D.  Tel-Aviv University.  Modeling Population Growth in Time and Space following reintroduction - .  Co-advised with Dr. Tamar Dayan.  Graduated 2003.

  8. Mr. Nir Maoz.  M.Sc. Ben Gurion University.  The eimpact of repeated releases on the space use patterns and social organization of Arabian Oryx .  Graduated 2003.

  9. Dr. Guy Peer.  Ph.D. Student.  Ben Gurion University.  The spatial and behavioral determinants of butterfly movement patterns in topographically complex landscapes   Co-advisor Uzi Motro, Hebrew U. Graduated 2004.

  10. Mr. Amichai Guter. M.Sc. Student, Tel Aviv U. The dynamics and space use pattersn of river otters in Israel.  Co-advisor Noga Korenfeld Tel-Aviv.  Graduated 2004..

  11. Ms. Tzahala Brosh. M.Sc. Student, Hebrew U. The importance of agricultural and natural areas as hunting field for the lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) in Alona and Ramot Menashe. Co-advisor Uzi Motro, Hebrew U. Graduated 2004.

  12. Mr. Noam Raanan.  M.Sc. student. Hebrew University.  Impact of human activity of the behavior and movement patterns of Ibex. Co-advisor Uzi Motro, Hebrew U. Graduated 2005.

  13. Ms. Orly Baram.  M.Sc. Students.  Attributes of Lesser kestrel nesting sites. Co-advisor Uzi Motro, Hebrew U. Graduated 2005.

  14. Mr. Asaf Gidron. M.Sc. Student,  Ben Gurion University. Habitat quality and group size dynamics in a social ungulate exhibiting fission-fusion social behavior : the reintroduced Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx) in Israel.  Graduated 2005.

  15. Dr. Adiv Gal.  Ph.D. student.  Hebrew University. Environmental effects of parental care decisions in the Lesser Kestrel. Co-advisor Uzi Motro, Hebrew U. Graduated 2007.

  16. Mr. Regev Manor. Ph.D. Student.  Community Ecology in an Afforested Mediterranean Ecosystem: Consequences for Conservation.  Dissertation submitted.

  17. Dr. Amit Dolev. Ph.D. Student.  Ben Gurion University. Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Rabies in Canid Vectors Using a Realistic Landscape: A Tool for Optimizing the Spatial Scattering of Oral Rabies Vaccination  Graduated 2007.

  18. Mr. Yoav Perelman. M.Sc. Ben Gurion University. Foraging ecology, body temperature patterns and space use characteristics of the Nubian Nightjar, Caprimulgus nubicus, in Israel. Graduated 2007.

  19. Mr. Guy Rotem.  M.Sc. The Influence of Anthropogenic Resources on the Space Use Patterns of Golden Jackals (Canis aureus) in Britannia Park, Israel.  Co-advisor Pua Kutiel (BGU). Graduated 2007.

  20. Mr. Royi Zidon. M. Sc.  The reintroduction of the Persian fallow deer to the Soreq Valley:

    the mutual influence between the reintroduced animal and the surrounding habitat.  Co-Advisor Uzi Motro  (Hebrew University). Graduated 2007.

  21. Mr. Haim Berger. Ph.D. Student.  Ben Gurion University.  Dominance hierarchy. Graduated 2010..

  22. Mr. Ido Isler. M.Sc. Ben Gurion University. Using fecal analysis to assess nutritional differences between three herds of Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx) reintroduced in different areas Co-advisor Yan Landau, Volcani Institute. Graduated 2007.

  23. Mr. Gilad Bino. M.Sc. Spatial and numerical responses of golden jackals (Canis aureus) and red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) to resource manipulation.  Co-advisor Dr. S. Kark, (Hebrew U). Graduated 2007.

  24. Ms. Tanja Terkel..  Diploma.  Study of foraging behavior in Nubian ibex (Capra ibex nubiana) in the Negev Desert of southern Israel. Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. Co-advisor Prof. Andreas Elepfandt. Graduated 2007.

  25. Ms. Orly Razgour. M.Sc. The Effect of Microhabitat Characteristics and Interspecific Interactions on Bat Community Patterns over Natural Water Bodies in Desert Environments .  (Co-Advisor Dr. Carmi Korine).  Graduated 2008.

  26. Ms. Tal Peled. M.Sc. Reintroductions as an ecosystem restoration tool: A case study of reintroduced ungulates as vectors for seed-dispersal.  Graduated 2010.

  27. Mr. Uzi Nisim M.Sc. The Perisan fallow deer (Dama Mesopotamica) In Hai-Bar Carmel: and captive herd Leslie-matrix demographic model and a cost-benefit analysis. Graduated 2010. (Co-advised with M. Shechter U. of Haifa)

  28. Ms. Aya Bar-Zvi.  M.Sc. Anthropogenic impacts in rural environment- The effect of resource and predator overabundance in agricultural villages on small mammals in the natural surroundings. Graduated 2010. (Co-advised with Dr. Amit Dolev).

  29. Mr. Roi Zidon.  Ph.D. (Kreitman recipient) The role of animal movement in the dynamics of anthrax in Etosha National Park, Namibia.  Co-advised witth Wayne Getz, UC Berkeley. Graduated 2011.

  30. Mr. Oded Berger.  Ph.D. (Kreitman and Adams laureate) Confronting Novel Environments: The Trade-off between Exploration and Exploitation. Graduated 2013.

  31. Mr. Dror Kapota.  M.Sc. Demographic and movement responses of red foxes and golden jackals to spatial and temporal changes in food availability.  Graduated 2014.

  32. Mr. Nimrod Ben Aharon.  M.Sc. Are roads ecological traps for Mourning Wheatear (Oenanthe lugens)?  Graduated 2011.

  33. Mr. Asael Greenfeld.  M.Sc. Artificial water sources and distribution of insectivorous bats in desert habitats. (Co-advisor C. Korine) Graduated 2011.

  34. Ms. Roni Shacal.  M.Sc. Extinction and re-colonization processes in the otter (Lutra lutra) population in Israel - The importance of connectivity and habitat quality (Co-advisor A. Dolev) Graduated 2013.

  35. Mr. Idan Telman. M.Sc. Movement ecology of an overabundant Golden jackal (Canis aureus) population in an environment rich with anthropogenic food resources . (Co-advisor A. Dolev) Graduated 2015.

  36. Mr. Idan Goodman. M.Sc. The spatial genetic structure of the Nubian ibex (Capra nubiana) population in Israel . (co-advised with S. Bar-David). Graduated 2016.

  37. Ms. Hila Shamoon. Ph.D. Anthropogenic effects on carnivores and lower trophic level mammals in an agro-rural-natural Mediterranean matrix (co-advised with T. Dayan). Graduated 2017

  38. Mr. Ibrahim Salman. M.Sc. Spider diversity and assemblage composition: the known and unknown in pomegranate orchards. Graduated 2017. 

Post-Doctoral fellows

  1. Dr. Mary Rowen.  Ramon Science Center.  Parent offspring relationships in Asiatic wild asses.  (1994-1995).

  2. Dr. Kerstin Weigand.  BGU and Princeton.  Bush encroachment - a natural phenomenon? Co-advising with Simon Levin and David Ward.  (1999-2001)

  3. Dr. Shirli Bar David.  BGU Kreitman fellowship. Identifying and mapping of landscape connectivity for conservation using a demographic and spatial growth model of reintroduced species.  (2002-2003).

  4. Dr. Dror Ben-Ami.  BGU.  VATAT fellowship. The role of diseases in population synchrony. (2006-2008).

  5. Dr. Miri Tsalyuk. BGU SIDEER fellowship. Behavior and dynamics of Asiatic wild ass as related to landscape and other environmental characteristics. (2016- 2017).