Adhesive Gripping of Objects 1155
Yoav Golan, Noam Hason, Elon Rimon, Amir Shapiro

ASPIRE: Automated Security Policy Implementation Using Reinforcement Learning 1153
Yoni Birman, Shaked Hindi, Gilad Katz, Asaf Shabtai

Planar Hall Effect Sensors 
Shai Amrusi, Igor Faivinov, Asaf Grosz, Lior Klein, Vladislav Mor, Mordechai Schultz

Randomly Rotate Qubits Compute and Reverse Information-Theoretically Secure Quantum Gate Computation and Applications
Daniel Berend, Dor Bitan, Shlomi Dolev

Methods and Devices for Detecting Improper Clinical Programming of Implantable Medical Devices 1147
Amos Katz, Nir Nissim

Stabilization of the new cubic phase of tin monosulfide, pI SnS 1143
Ran Abutbul, Uri Argaman, Yuval Golan, Guy Makov, Elad Segev

Radiation Assisted Direct Nanoimprint of Chalcogenide Glass 1131
Shay Joseph, Evyatar Kassis, Mark Schvartzman, Dor Yehuda

System And Methods For Measuring Linear And Rotational Accelerations And Magnetic Field Strengths Using Individual Atoms Within An Optical Lattice Formed By Lasers 1122
Yshai Avishay, Yehuda Band, Igor Kuzmenko, Tatyana Kuzmenko

Structure for a waveguide facet 
Joseph Gurewich, Alina Karabchevsky

Lightning-fast solution of partial differential equations: a modal approach1107
Chen Parry, Yonatan Sivan

Fabrication of thin and stiff carbon wires by electric field applied on linear carbon chains 1100
Alina Karabchevsky

Multiple channel room impulse response estimation1089
Boaz Rafaely

WO 2019/229746
A Nanocomposite Mold for Thermal Nanoimprinting and Method for Producing the Same 1087
Viraj Bhingardive, Liran Menahem, Mark Schvartzman

WO 2020/012457
Method for metabolic pathway detection based on correlation-based network analysis combined with machine learning techniques1084
Yuval Elovici, Rami Puzis, David Toubiana

WO 2019/220445
Authentication mechanism for drones 1083
Yuval Elovici, Ben Nassi, Adi Shamir

WO 2019/220444
One Round Secure Multiparty Computation of Arithmetic Streams and Functions 1077
Daniel Berend, Dor Bitan, Shlomi Dolev

WO 2019/202586 A1
Bio-Inspired Agile Cyber-Security Assurance Framework (BICSAF) 1069
Anupam Chattopadhyay, Aviad Elitzur, Yuval Elovici, Jawad Haj-Yahya, Kei Lam Siew, Elad Marco, Rami Puzis, Srikanthan Thambipillai, Polina Zilberman

WO 2019/186535 A1
Detection of point of interest from encrypted video stream using physical stimulus 
Yuval Elovici, Ben Nassi, Adi Shamir

WO 2019/145953
Rising Sprawl Tuned Autonomous Robot1062
David Zarrouk

WO 2019/130303
Imaging system with h Partial aperture1061
Vijayakumar Anand, Angika Bulbul, Joseph Rosen

Vesper: Using Echo-Analysis to Detect Man-in-the-Middle Attacks in LANs1058
Yuval Elovici, Naor Kalbo, Yisroel Mirsky, Asaf Shabtai

WO 2019116370
Low voltage sub-nanosecond pulsed current driver ic for high-resolution lidar applications1057
Mor Peretz

Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer by Means of Adaptive Matching Networks1054
Mor Peretz

Digitally enhanced digital-to-analog-converter for low-resolution pre-compensation at the transmitter1053
Dan Sadot, Yaron Yoffe

System and Method for Creating an Invisible Space1048
Alina Karabchevsky

WO 2019/058368
Light funnel with parabolic sidewall for the enhancement of absorption and photo-voltage for photovoltaic applications1030
Gil Shalev

WO 2019/220440
Neutron Detector and Method for its Preparation1028
Arie Beck, Michael Chomin, Itzhak Orion, Avi Rave, Eitan Tiferet, Udi Wengrowicz

WO 2018/033908
Systems and Methods for Electrochemical Chemometrics and Smart Analytical Micro-Systems1022
Hadar Ben Yoav, Alon Mazafi

WO 2018/225058
Method and System for Performing Broadcast Encryption with Revocation Capability1018
Dan Brownstein, Shlomi Dolev, Niv Gilboa

Method for compensating channel distortions by pre-distortion of mach-zehnder modulators, based on symmetric imbalance1016
Gil Paryanti, Dan Sadot

Processing Physiological Electrical Data for Analyte Assessments1011
Michael Ackerman, Samuel Asirvatham, Zachi Attia, Kevin Bennet, Charles Bruce, John Dillon, Paul Friedman, Amir Geva, Dan Sadot, Yehu Sapir

Scatterometry with high harmonics generation and nonlinear sources1009
Evgeny Frumker

WO 2019/211827
Image Classification System1001
Leon Deouell, Amir Geva, Ran El Manor, Eitan Netzer, Harish Omri, Shani Shalgi, Sergey Vaisman

Cooperative Dynamic Task Allocation Mechanism for Heterogeneous Agents0994
Sofia Amador Nelke, Roie Zivan

WO 2018/163174
Method and Apparatus for Protecting a Device from Malicious Field Replaceable Units0992
Amir Cohen, Yossi Oren, Asaf Shabtai, Omer Shwartz

WO 2018/142404
Digital Average Current-Mode Control Voltage Regulator and a Method for Tuning Compensation Coefficients Thereof0974
Mor Peretz

WO 2018/060990
Electromechanical resonators based on metal-chalcogenide nanotubes0968
Yiftach Divon, Ernesto Joselevich, Ron Levi, Reshef Tenne, Asaf Yaakobovitz

WO 2018/122848
Multidimensional nanotomography with high harmonics and attosecond pulses0961
Evgeny Frumker

WO 2018/015952
Upconversion System for Imaging and Communication
Amir Abramovich, Avihai Aharon, Natan Kopeika, Daniel Rozban, Yitzchak Yitzchaky

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity Estimation: Fusion Of Speech-Based Systems0955
Dvir Ben Or, Eliran Dafna, Ariel Tarasiuk, Yaniv Zigel

WO 2018/011794
Estimation of sleep quality parameters from whole night audio analysis0954
Dvir Ben Or, Eliran Dafna, Matan Halevi, Ariel Tarasiuk, Yaniv Zigel

WO 2018/011801
Method and device for near-infrared spectroscopy0946
Alina Karabchevsky

WO 2018/002914
Method and device for chemiluminescence-based analysis0945
Alina Karabchevsky

WO 2017/221258
Dual Frictionship Convertible Friction Fingertips For Mechanical Grippers0939
Yoav Golan, Elon Rimon, Amir Shapiro

WO 2017/199239
A method for online signature verification using wrist-worn devices0931
Yuval Elovici, Alona Levy, Ben Nassi, Erez Shmueli

WO 2017/191626
Self-stabilizing secure and heterogeneous systems0930
Shlomi Dolev

Minimally actuated serial robot0925
David Zarrouk

WO 2017/168413
System and method for performing on-cloud memory analysis, forensic and security operations on connected0920
Yuval Elovici, Mordechai Guri

WO 2017/153983
System for transferring rotational, mechanical motion into sinusoidal wave-like motion0907
David Zarrouk

Methods of producing video images that are independent of the background lighting0904
Hugo Guterman, Rami Hagege, Amir Kolaman

WO 2017/158587
Dicyclopentadiene Derivatives And Polymers Thereof
Amos Ben Asuly, Yakov Ginzburg, Gabriel Lemcoff, Sukdeb Saha

WO 2017/068588
System and method for monitoring and protecting an untrusted operating syatem by means of a trusted
Yuval Elovici, Mordechai Guri

Universal Vehicle Operating Robot For Autonomous Driving0844
Hugo Guterman, Oded Yechiel

 WO 2016/178213
All-Optical Silicon-Photonic Constellation Conversion Of Amplitude-Phase Modulation Formats0819
Dan Sadot, Tomer Yeminy, Zeev Zalevsky

Interactive Segmentation0815
Ohad Chitrit, Itzhak Herskowitz, Tamar Riklin Raviv, Ilan Shelef

A Voltage Regulator Module Using A Load-Side Auxiliary Gyrator Circuit0814
Mor Peretz

Method And System For The Linearization Of A Mimo Communication Scheme Having Nonlinear Power Amplifiers0812
Ilia Iofedov, Dov Wulich

Analyte Assessment And Arrhythmia Risk Prediction Using Physiological Electrical Data​
Michael Ackerman, Samuel Asirvatham, Kevin Bennet, Charles Bruce, John Dillon, Paul Friedman, Amir Geva, Dan Sadot, Yehu Sapir, Virend Somers

Misuseablity Analysis For It Infrastructure0804
Yuval Elovici, Asaf Shabtai

Swir To Visible Up-Conversion Optical System0796
Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Viki Magen (Michael), Avner Safrani, Gabby Sarusi

WO 2017/006307
Swir To Visible Image Up-Conversion Integrated Device0783
Yuval Golan, Gabby Sarusi

A Method For Establishing A Secure Private Interconnection Over A Multipath Network0779
Shlomi Dolev, Shimrit Tzur-David

Fully-digital fully-synthesizable delay-line analog to digital converter0776
Mor Peretz

Optical Sectioning Using Digital Fresnel Incoherent Holography Based Confocal Microscope0769
Barak Katz, Roy Kelner, Joseph Rosen

Transient Bragg Gratings In Optical Waveguides And Their Applications0756
Amiel Ishaaya, Yonatan Sivan

Multi-Pump-Pass Fiber Based Lasers And Amplifiers0754
Amiel Ishaaya, Boris Rosenstein Levin

Using Model-Based Diagnosis To Improve Software Testing0750
Meir Kalech, Ron Stern

Classifying EEG Signals In Response To Visual Stimulus0732
Leon Deouell, Galit Fuhrmann Alpert, Amir Geva, Ran El Manor, Shani Shalgi

Recovery of Hyperspectral Data from Image
Boaz Arad, Ohad Ben Shachar

Tunable Thin-Layered Devices In Compressive Sensing Spectroscopy0706
Yitzhak August, Dan Blumberg, Stanley Rotman, Adrian Stern

WO 2015/008276
Determining Apnea-Hypopnia Index Ahi From Speech0698
Oren Elisha, Ariel Tarasiuk, Yaniv Zigel

Device And Methodology For Measuring Minute Changes In Ambient Magnetic Field0696
Andrei Beb Amar Baranga, David Levron, Eugene Paperno, Reuben Shuker

Method And System For Protecting Computerized Systems From0668
Yuval Elovici, Mordechai Guri, Gabi Kedma

Method and system for designing a common end effector for a robot which is capable of grasping plurality of parts, each having its own geometry0664
Amir Shapiro, Avishai Sintov

WO 14/041538
Separating Clinically Relevant Sources Of Electrical Activity In Ecg Signals0659
Amos Katz, Or Perlman, Nahum Weisman, Yaniv Zigel

Coherent Field Gradient Momentum Splitting0657
Ron Folman, Yonathan Japha, Shimon Machluf

WO 14/024163
Single Large Mode Cladding Amplification In Active Double-Clad Fibers0653
Amiel Ishaaya, Eitan Ronen

Method For Finding Non-Essential Flip Flops In A VLSI Design That Do Not Require Retention In Standby Mode0641
Shlomo Greenberg, Erez Manor, Eugene Paperno, Yossi Rabinowicz, Ron Tsechanski, Ori Weber

A High Efficiency Resonant Switched Capacitor Converter With Continuous Conversion Ration Ratio0632
Shmuel Ben Yaakov, Alon Blumenfeld, Alon Cervera, Mor Peretz

Method For Detecting Spammers And Fake Profiles In Social Networks0630
Yuval Elovici, Michael Fire, Gilad Katz

WO 13/140410
Attribute Based Broadcast Encryption With Permanent Revocation0592
Shlomi Dolev, Niv Gilboa, Marina Kopeetsky

Device And Method For Dual-Mode Logic0590
Alexander Fish, Sagi Fisher, Asaf Kaizerman

WO 13/018061
Spectral And Temporal Stealthy Fiber Optic Communication Using Sampling And Phase Encoding Detection System0588
Dan Sadot, Tomer Yeminy, Zeev Zalevsky

WO 13/011500
True-Spectroscopic Dual Mode High Resolution Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography Using Liquid Crystal Devicess0577
Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Avner Safrani

WO 13/160890
Flexible Blade Rheometer
Roi Gurka, A. Liberzon

WO 13/001538
An Ultra Low Power Memory Cell With A Supply Feedback Loop Configured For Minimal Leakage Operation0550
Omer Cohen, Alexander Fish, Lidor Pergament, Adam Teman

A Low Cost Direct Modulation And Coherent Detection System0547
Dan Sadot, Nir Sheffi

WO 12/090190
Apparatus And Method For Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea0536
Nir Ben Israel, Ariel Tarasiuk, Yaniv Zigel

WO 12/025892
Fiber Laser Pumping Configuration And Method
Amiel Ishaaya, Boris Shulga

WO 12/014191
A System And Method For Providing 3D Imaging0508
Hugo Guterman, Yuval Nehmadi

WO 11/104706
Optical Sensor With Enhanced Sensitivity0492
Ibrahim Abdulhalim

WO 12/111001
Molybdenum-Converter Based Electron Linear Accelerator And Method For Producing Radioisotopes0482
Alexander Tsechanski

WO 13/027207
Efficient Detection Of Erros In Associative Memory0473
Anat Bremler-Barr, David Hay, Danny Hendler, Ron Roth

WO 10/119381
Manufacturing Transparent Yttrium Aluminum Garnet By Spark Plasma Sintering"0468
Moshe Dariel, Nahum Frage, Sergei Kalabuchov

Balance  perturbation system and training
Itshak Melzer, Amir Shapiro

WO 10/136924
System for automatic fall detection for elderly people0391
Israel Gannot, Dimitry Litvak, Yaniv Zigel

Atom chip device0332
Tal David, Valery Dikovsky, Ron Folman, Yonathan Japha

Optimal test ordering in cascade architectures0324
Daniel Berend, Ronen Brafman, Shimon Cohen, Eyal Shimony

Guided matter wave sagnac interferometer0290
Yshai Avishay, Ron Folman, Yonathan Japha

Optical pixel and image sensor0276
Alexander Belenky, Alexander Fish, Orly Yadid-Pecht

WO 08/062404
Blind restoration of atmospherically degraded images by automatic best step edge detection
Oren Haik, Omri Shacham, Yitzchak Yitzchaky

On-line arabic handwriting recognition
F. Biadsy, Jihad El-sana

WO 08/012842
Smart antenna system with improved localization of polarized sources0169
Rahamim Dayan, Reuven Shavit, Joseph Tabrikian

A structure preserving database encryption scheme0047
Yuval Elovici, Erez Shmueli, Ronen Waisenberg

WO 05/119960
A method for encryption and decryption of messages0045
Shlomi Dolev, Ephraim Korach, Galit UzanWO 06/001006​

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