BGN works closely with BGU researchers/inventors to identify the right commercial opportunity for each invention and innovation however successful technology transfer requires teamwork between the BGN experienced business team and the researcher. 

The researcher's knowledge, contacts and technological understanding are important to the successful commercialization process. Furthermore the continuous involvement of the researcher during the technology transfer process  and product development by the licensing partner are crucial to the successful development of a product.

BGN's main role in the commercialization process is to assist and guide BGU researchers with:  

Ensuring adequate patent protection

Providing business guidance and commercial assessment

Identifying appropriate partners for licensing and joint ventures

Communicating new inventions and innovations  

Networking with potential partners

Negotiating agreements

Creating startup companies

Obtaining research and development Funding


Intellectual Property

The BGN Applied Research Funds

Chief Scientist Programs

Laboratory and Consulting Services

Cincinnati-BGU Collaboration