BGN transfers technologies to the marketplace in various ways​

Technology Licensing - BGN licenses technologies developed   at  BGU and enters into R&D agreements worldwide.

Sponsored Research Agreements - BGN conducts research for companies wishing to take advantage of BGU's expertise and facilities and represents the University in a number of consortia established between industry and academia for the development of generic know-how.

Start-up Companies  -  Many of BGU's inventions are new platform technologies or products and therefore have great Start-up potential. Some of these Start-ups can raise substantial funding right from start and operate as independent companies, while others will choose the Government-funded Technological Incubator alternative.

Ben-Gurion Advanced Technologies Park


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is proud to have been the moving force behind the creation of the Advanced Technologies Park adjacent to the University’s Marcus Family Campus. The original brainchild of former University President Prof. Avishay Braverman, the ATP is a public-private partnership of BGU, the Beer-Sheva Municipality, KUD International L LC and Gav-Yam.

Covering an area of 23 acres (93 dunams) adjacent to the University, the Soroka University Medical Center and the future base of the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) elite technology units, the ATP is slated to become Israel’s most exciting new center for business and innovation. It will redefine the local job market, attracting a critical mass of hi-tech and bio-tech employment opportunities to Israel’s southern region, and strengthening the country as a whole.

Based on the synergy of high level applied research and Israel’s famed entrepreneurial spirit, the ATP maximizes the collaborative relationship between academia and industry and the open flow of ideas. University researchers, students and alumni are joining some of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurial companies in fields such as data storage, cyber security, telecommunications, nanotechnology and breakthrough pharmaceuticals.

BGN Technologies, the University’s technology transfer company, is leveraging the University’s intellectual capital to create, together with participating ATP companies, an atmosphere that encourages the development and use of knowledge-based technologies.
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