​​The Link Between Academic Research and Industrial Advancement

BGN Technologies is the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel. Located in the heart of the University's Advanced Technologies Park, BGN Technologies is the driving force behind industry-academia collaborations, supporting the University's mission of cultivating a high-tech eco-system within the Negev region. 

With a track-record of over 100 startup companies, as well as partnerships in technology incubators and accelerators, BGN Technologies brings inventions from the labs to the market, in the following fields: high-tech, biotechnology, materials, agriculture and environment. BGN Technologies fosters research collaborations and entrepreneurship among researchers and students.

Over the past decade, BGN Technologies has focused on creating long-term partnerships with dozens of companies, including multinationals such as: Deutsche Telekom, Dell-EMC, Lockheed Martin, IBM, PayPal and Facebook securing value and growth for a diverse ecosystem that surrounds Ben-Gurion University.