​BGN Technologies has founded more than 100 startups, based on technologies developed by Ben Gurion University. ​

CartiHeal Ltd. cartiheal.jpg

CartiHeal is a medical device company focused on developing, manufacturing and bringing to market a novel and proprietary comprehensive implant for repair of articular cartilage and osteochondral defects. The company is set to realize more than ten years of R&D activity performed at the Department of Biotechnology Engineering at Ben-Gurion University, Israel.


Morphisec     ​הורד (2).png

Emerging from Israel's national cybersecurity center, Morphisec fundamentally alters the cyber security landscape with its moving target defense technology, which keeps organizations consistently ahead of attacks. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention blocks zero-days and advanced attacks in real time, before they cause any damage.


SDO- secret double octopusjkhjh.png

Password free, high assurance authentication for Active Directory domains.


Elminda Ltd. elminda.gif
ElMindA develops and markets an innovative platform that reveals and affects the neural pathways in the brain. 
ElMindA technology performs functional brain imaging and brain treatment for a wide range of clinical applications such as neural rehabilitation of stroke patients and diagnosis and treatment management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


NeuroDerm Ltd.​   ​ neuroderm.png

NeuroDerm developed ND0601, the first ever levodopa (L-DOPA) skin patch for Parkinson's disease. This passive, non-invasive system is based on a proprietary L-DOPA ester formulation. ND0601 is able to achieve continuous delivery of L-DOPA, an objective that was long considered the “holy grail" of Parkinson's disease treatment.



InnerEye is developing a unique platform that combines human visual perception, innovative classification of brainwaves and computer vision algorithms.

InnerEye provides a solution for fast, accurate, real time target detection in visual data with applications in the defence, homeland security and civilian markets.


Medilogos Ltd.  medilogos.jpg

Automated Knowledge Accumulating Over Time. MediLogos is engaged in the development, marketing, and sales of innovative systems for automated application of knowledge to data accumulating over time. Its main objectives are to support management and quality assessment, to reduce the costs, and to support decision making and provide pre defined alerts.


NESS Ltd.      מקדד.png

NESS - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Systems is committed to providing technological solutions in response to the needs of the millions of patients suffering from paralysis due to neurological disorders.



SecBI provides an advanced threat detection system that uncovers the full scope of cyber attacks, including all affected users, domains, assets, and more. Based on proprietary machine learning technology, SecBI's solution detects advanced threats that other systems miss, creates a comprehensive incident storyline with autonomous investigation, and enables rapid and accurate mitigation.




SenSoil Innovations provides real-time images and efficient solutions to detect water percolation and contaminant migration in the subsurface. The company's technology can be used to protect groundwater resources from pollution hazards, optimize subsurface remediation, manage heap-leach mining, control agricultural input down-leaching, manage landfill waste, and provide early warning of earthen dam instability.


Vidac pharma הורד (2).jpg

Vidac Pharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering and developing first-in-class medicines to help people suffering from a range of oncologic and dermatologic diseases. We at Vidac are passionate about translating breakthrough science into innovative therapies that address major unmet medical needs.



Sightech's Eyebot products are the only vision systems with advanced technology that can inspect products in seconds JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM - all with no programming. Today's manufacturing environment demands smart, fast and efficient inspection. Sightech's Neuro-RAM technology can learn up to 13 million features per second - without complex user software - thereby delivering superior automated quality inspection.


Rotec Ltd. Rotec-Water-logo.png

Water Treatment - a Novel High Recovery Desalination Process for Brackish Groundwater 
ROTEC (Reverse Osmosis Technologies) - formerly FR-SDS Ltd - is a water treatment company that develops novel technologies improving desalination processes of brackish groundwater. 


Todos Medical  todos.png

TODOS medical has developed a new In Vitro cancer diagnostic method that we believe will change the way cancers will be diagnosed few years from today.
The method is cost effective, highly specific and sensitive and is specially designed for mass population diagnosis.
The method is based on optical assessment of peripheral blood samples and the use of mathematical algorithms.



Xact Medical xact.jpg

Leading the way in point of care robotics, Xact's FIND system is a  breakthrough in practical, affordable medical robotics - we automate ultrasound-guided object placement in the body



Capital Nature        capitalnature.jpg

Capital Nature is a leading investment firm focused on funding and accelerating early stage ventures, as well as academic research in the emerging Renewable Energy in Israel. In addition to incubating early stage start-up companies, Capital Nature also funds applied academic research in the area of renewable energy, and operates a test and validation center in the Eilot region.
Capital Nature was established in 2011 and operates the Israeli National Renewable Energy Center in the Arava, as part the initiatives of the State of Israel to promote development of Renewable Energy technologies.



AlgaTechnologies Ltd. (1998)  alga.png
Algatech was founded in 1999 to develop and commercialize Astaxanthin and other microalgae-derived products for the nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals industry. This mission was led by Algatech’s first nutraceutical product development, astaxanthin, and the company was established with the JCA’s backing to commercialize the work of Prof. Sammy Boussiba from the Sde Boker research institute of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.



Securing corporate operations out of premises, aka cloud security, used to require integrated implementation of multiple security systems. Expensive and operationally demanding, such solutions were available only to top-tier companies. This is precisely what Coronet is changing.


Multiphy Networks Ltd.

MultiPhy was established in Oct. 2006 by Ben-Gurion University and Prof. Dan Sadot based on a long term academic development in the optical communication division of the Ben-Gurion University. MultiPhy has developed proprietary technology that enables ultra high data rate in FTTx and SAN markets. MultiPhy operation model define MultiPhy as a "FabLess" semiconductor high speed chipset company and an Opto–Transceiver maker (in XFP and SFP+ form factor).


Enzootic SITELOGO_NEW105_62.jpg

Enzootic is an agro-biotech company founded in 2012 by a multidisciplinary team of industry and academic leaders whose vision is to introduce the latest advances in life science research into crustacean aquaculture and ecological bio-control.


AmorphiCal Ltd. F0_0244_0000_AmorphicalLogo.jpg
Amorphical is an innovative company engaged in the development of synthetic dietary supplements and drugs based on unique biomineralogical principles and substances derived from crustacean mineral deposition processes, for treatment of human bone metabolism-related disorders. Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) is a novel calcium supplementation formulation with scientifically proven advantages over currently marketed calcium carbonate products. 



BotanoCap is an Israeli technology-based company that has developed a powerful proprietary technology platform for the slow release of volatile compounds, such as essential oils.


DIA Imaging Analysis הורד (1).jpg

DiA invented a cognitive image processing technology based on advance pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms.

Creating fully automated tools to evaluate medical imaging with initial focus on "ultrasound of the heart".