About the Funds

The Applied Research Funds, established by BGN, are internal funds, devoted to promote applied research in Ben-Gurion University. The task is to bring the research to an advanced stage, in order to improve its chances to be commercialized.

Funds Operation Method
Research projects managed by the funds, receive pre-seed financing and, throughout the entire development period, are provided with scientific, marketing and business support.
During the research period, the funds closely monitors the scientific progress and the future marketing directions in order to steer the research towards future market needs and to maximize the intellectual property value.

The diferent Funds

B.G.N's Applied Research Funds contained several Funds supporting different areas of research as described below:   

MFSFundBGU2013CFPIWEB.pdfBGN Applied Research M.F.S Fund

BGN Applied Research Fund - Biotechnology
BGN Applied Research Fund - Energy

BGN Applied Research Fund - ICL