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Department of Geography
and Environmental Development
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GEOGRAPHY IN THE MODERN ERA: Geography is a field of science dedicated to the study of  spatial structures and the forces and processes that shape them. Geography in the modern era provides the theoretical basis for many of the technological and economic developments - from applications of navigation software and mapping the earth using satellite data, through urban planning, the effects spatial organization has on economic activities, regional development and sustainability, to the effects of environmental factors on morbidity and sickness.
STUDIES IN THE DEPARTMENT: The Department of Geography and Environmental Development at BGU offers studies in three undergraduate fields: Human geography, Physical geography and Geographic Information Technologies. We also offer joint programs with other departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty such as the departments of Economics, Politics and Government and Psychology. The Department also offers Doctoral studies to international students. Candidates are welcome to register to any of these tracks through the student's administration web site. We are committed to high teaching standards and believe that committed students are important for these standards maintenance.
ACQUIRED SKILLS AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: In addition to the study of the various fields of the human and physical geography, the student in our department acquires the unique skill of a Geographer – that is the ability to integrate information about the physical and human processes that affect spatial structures. This allows the geographer to integrate information from different disciplines to solve problems at the catchment, regional, national and global scales of observation. Many of the Department of Geography graduates are employed in governmental offices such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Defense; in Local government offices such as municipalities and in the private sector in the areas of environmental advisory and geographic information technologies. Some of our graduates are also employed in research and teaching institutes.