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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
Department of Business Administration MBA
The MBA program is structured to provide a common base of knowledge for all students, regardless of previous educational background. Six pre-requisite courses are offered in the first year of studies; Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Methods and Computer Applications.
Two compulsory courses in Operations Research and Operations Management are followed by an advanced course in Strategy and Management Policy – which integrates various business functions and their interdependencies. Students can then choose from a selection of over 80 elective courses.
Two tracks are available: the standard track for those students whose immediate aim is to obtain an MBA; and the research (thesis) track for those students who wish to advance their research skills and possibly continue studies to Ph.D. level. In each track, students may choose a field of specialization or pursue a general management orientation.
The Finance specialization provides students with the skills needed to understand capital markets issues and manage corporate financial affairs. The program offers a sub-specialization in Pension and Insurance. The program offers a wide variety of courses in finance include banking and financial institutions, corporate finance, financial instruments, portfolio management and international finance. Selected students of the Finance specialization run the school's Trading Room.
The Marketing specialization introduces students to the concept of marketing both within Israel and abroad. It emphasizes new trends in theory and practice and provides students with the tools to effectively promote all types of commercial and non-commercial enterprises.
Organizational Behavior
The MBA specialization in Organizational Behavioral trains students to function in the realm of corporate human resources. Students interested in organizational consultation are encouraged to attend this specialization.
Strategy and International Management
The Strategy and International Management specialization prepares students to understand, make decisions and act in a global competitive environment. It combines theoretical and practical courses in the areas of strategy and international management. The courses intend to create a knowledge base as well as tools in subareas such as global strategy, international finance, international marketing, culture and international business.
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
The specialization provides students with the knowledge and tools required of entrepreneurs and managers, especially in the areas of hi-tech and bio-tech, as well as of owners of small businesses and agencies in the business and public sectors associated with them. Studies involve an integration of theoretical and empirical knowledge that is based on collaboration with hi-tech companies (both industry and services), with business agencies that are a part of this industry (venture capital etc.) and universities around the world that specialize in this area. The specialization has an empirical focus and includes preparing a business plan for a real entrepreneurial project.
Multidisciplinary Program
The multidisciplinary program is intended for students who want to enrich their knowledge in several areas of business administration. It is suitable for students whose occupation is multidisciplinary and encompasses more than one area of business administration. For example, students who work as CEOs or serve on a board of directors (and those who intend to have such jobs in the future) will find useful the opportunity to study various areas, such as strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and organizational behavior. The program also fits students who do not know at this point in which area of business administration they will work in the future and want to retain the broadest possibilities.
The Department places an emphasis on academic research covering a wide range of business and management issues, representing the diversity of faculty members' expertise. Many students are actively involved in research projects as part of their coursework.
Concentrated Courses
Throughout the year, several intensive one-week courses and workshops are presented in English by visiting scholars from leading foreign universities.