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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב

Karniel Motor Control Journal Club

The Karniel Motor Control Journal Club, established on 2014, is a biweekly meeting of students and faculty to discuss recent results in the study of computational and physiological aspects of motor control.
The KMCJC is attended by members of groups involved in motor control from many departments across all faculties in BGU. If you are interested in joining, please email (, or just show up! 
The meetings take place on Mondays at 13:00



Upcoming meeting:
Time :  August 21, 2017  at  13:00
Venue : Dichmann Building (M8) at the faculty of health sciences, room 002
Presenter : ​Inbal Paran & Hadas Nachmani
Paper : The influence of unexpected perturbations during standing and walking on the performance of a concurrent cognitive task among young adults- Pilot study

The planed schedule for the next semester is available -
Please email ( to assign yourself and/or your students to the open slots:
2015-2016 schedule

The organizers:


Shlomi Haar, Brain and Cognitive Sciences ( 

Simona Bar-Haim, Faculty of Health Sciences (

Sigal Berman, Industrial Engineering ( 

Ilana Nisky, Biomedical Engineering (


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