​​​​​​​​​​​Nuclear magnetic resonance is a powerful spectroscopic technique that provides information about the structural and chemical properties of molecules by aligning the spins of nuclei of certain atoms in an external magnetic field and causing energy transitions by radio frequency pulses.

Our lab (located in building 29, rooms 007 and 008) includes three modern high resolution NMR spectrometers, one with magnetic field of 11.7 T (500 MHz proton frequency) and two with magnetic field of 9.4 T (400 MHz). 

The spectrometers are equipped with probes allowing the detection of most useful nuclei at a wide range of temperatures.

The variety of NMR techniques available in our lab includes 1D and 2D spectra, spectra of different nuclei, variable temperature measurements, diffusion, relaxation, structure determination and more.

We provide NMR service for dozens of customers, mainly from BGU and from the chemical industry in the south. We will be happy to assist you in planning the experiment that will meet your research needs.


For more information regarding payment and instrument reservation, please, contact​:

Dr. Olga Iliashevsky, NMR Laboratory Manager and Researcher

Phone: 972-8-6428529/6472580

Email: kolos@bgu.ac.il

Lab location: Building 29, room 008 -007​​

Prof. Doron Pappo, Director of NMR Lab​

Phone: 972-8-6428692

Email: pappod@bgu.ac.il

Office: Building 29, room 109​