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Lab for Judgement
and Decision Making
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Laboratory for Judgment and Decision Making 
Under the direction of Professor Yoella Bereby-Meyer
In our lab we study questions related to decision making in social contexts.  Much of our
research deals with social preferences, namely the study of reciprocity, trust, and cooperation in social interactions. We are in particular interested in the effects of self-control on these processes.  Another aspect of our research deals with the development of these preferences, as well as choice strategies in general, as a function of age. Here we try to answer the question whether prosocial behavior is innate or develops over time.
We also study questions related to the decision making in real world problems. Specifically we focus on the perception of risks and risk taking in different contexts.  Several studies deal with people's decisions whether to be vaccinated against different diseases. In other studies we look at the performance in multiple choice tests from a decision making and risk taking perspective.
Students who are interested in conducting research on such topics for their M.A. or preferably Ph.D. degree are welcome to contact Prof. Bereby-Meyer.