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Art and Social
Justice: An International Symposium
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This symposium is made possible by courtesy of Dalia and Yossi Prashker
The Art and Justice Conference started out its life as a heady mixture of a gut feeling and our long standing interests in art history and the political. Meeting after the summer, which culminated with a 400,000 strong protest demanding "social justice" in Israel, and building on the inspiring struggles in the Middle East and farther a field, we – Danny (Dr. Daniel Unger) and Merav (Dr. Merav Yerushalmy) - got talking about the need to examine our own field of art history in terms of social change. We wanted to reflect on our own interests in the art and politics of the Baroque (Danny) and the practices of communality in contemporary art (Merav), and employ them as a platform from which to think the current social and political struggles.
It was Danny who suggested that we open up this discussion to other colleagues and researchers, and from that sprang the idea of this conference. Responding to our call for papers, we received highly interesting suggestions – each reading the junction of art history and the ideas of social justice from a unique theoretical and historical vantage point. We very much look forward to thinking jointly about these issues when we meet on May 24th.
See you soon,
Danny and Merav
For more information please feel free to contact the conference administrator:
Orit Tzion-Abekasis-