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The Center For
Smoking Prevention and Cessation
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               Our Vision

To reduce morbidity and mortality attributed to cigarette smoking in the Negev region.

Smoking cigarettes is the first cause of death that can be prevented.

One of every four adults in Israel smokes.

This number i​ncreases when the population goes younger, especially in the Negev region.

The reported aged by teenagers of smoking is 9 years old!

Smoking is well known as a primary cause for life quality damaging diseases, and high mortality.

Therefore, a center for smoking prevention and cession was established, in order to unite all the health services together for preventing smoking in the Negev, and to reduce smoking damage.




Our main goal – Life quality improvement of the Negev population by reducing the mortality and sickness caused by smoking.

Cessation facility in every primary care clinic, work place and hospital.

Students take an active role.

The four sick funds ongoing cooperation with the university.

Formal smoking prevention programs for school-aged children.

Free public non-smoking enforcement.




To initiate cooperation between the various medical services providers and public institutes in smoking cessation   promotion.

To promote smoking prohibition in public places, in concordance with local authorities

To establish a “hot-line” for smoking cessation counseling.

Foundation of a regional center for smoking cessation counseling:

            -   personal counseling   

            -   group therapy                                                                                                                     

To educate a new generation of non-smoking consultants for smoking cessation

To encourage smoking prevention and cessation in the regional education system.

To raise smokers awareness to the various cessation possibilities offered.

To publish professional and educational information to the public and medical community.