A note fro​m the President

Since its emergence, the “Corona crisis” has become an international crisis, affecting the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries worldwide. The influence of this pandemic extends way beyond the biomedical implications. Corona now affects all aspects of life – mental health and wellbeing, financial markets, employement, homeland security, hotel and tourism, education, transportation, and is hindering the basic functioning of society at-large.

We call on our researchers to contribute your resources and knowledge in the next few weeks by diverting research, development and projects to relevant aspects of the crisis, using “off the shelf” capabilities to quickly create solutions for emerging problems, in all fields of life.

Prof. Daniel Chamovitz
Prof. Daniel Chamovitz​​

About the Challenge

As one of the leading research institutions in the world, BGU is poised to contribute to and lead the national and international endeavors to overcome the "Corona Crisis". 

To initiate an integrated effor​​t in various aspects associated with the crisis, we invite everyone in the BGU Research Community who thinks they can contribute in ideas, or expertise, to submit a project idea or offer their support to an existing project.

BGU will devote resources to promote the best ideas and directions that will stem from the submissions over the course of the coming months.​​​​​​​ 


BGU has individual experts, specialized centers, and accumulated institutional expertise, 
which are, a priori, spread across the University and housed in various departments.
We ask you to put this crisis and its implications at the top of your academic priorities for the next few weeks, 
to be both creative and practical in coming up with solutions that cover a wide range of areas, 
such as the ones listed below.



What are we faci​ng?​​​