Prof. Gonen Ashkenasy Research Group


Laboratory of Artif​icial Functional Peptides and Proteins


Research Interests - The Systems Chemistry of Peptide Networks

The main research effort in our lab is devoted to the design and synthesis of multi-component chemical systems, termed as Molecular Networks, and for analysis of their dynamic self-organization. This study within the new field of Systems Chemistry is inspired by the complexity in structure and function observed within natural cells. We use peptides and proteins as the active components in these studies, and thus the observed structure-function relationships are further interpreted for understanding fundamental processes, such as protein folding as well as protein interactions with small molecules and bio-macromolecules.

The current research includes the following topics:


  > Molecular replication and self-organization of replication networks

  > Peptide fibrils self-assembly and self-replication

  > Molecular computation

  > Protein-based functional elements in molecular electronics

  > Total synthesis of repeat protein​s

Our findings can be used for understanding the organizational principles of biological systems, to shine light on plausible scenarios in early molecular evolution and the Origins of Life, and to develop devices of nanotechnology and biotechnology importance.