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The Department
of Jewish History
ברושור המחלקה להיסטוריה של עם ישראל  
The Department of Jewish History offers a unique learning experience that blends academic inquiry with practical reasoning. Our curriculum both enriches the cultural literacy of our students and cultivates useful skills needed in today’s workforce. Due to this rare synthesis of scholarship and practice, our curriculum dovetails perfectly with studies in any other university department.
On a practical level, our curriculum imparts a useful set of life skills, making our students thoughtful citizens and valuable in the workplace. For example, familiarity with Jewish History illuminates untold aspects of contemporary Israel and the research methods of the historical discipline's critical reasoning model. In addition, our faculty places particular emphasis on developing our students’ writing skills, because good writing reflects clear thinking and facilitates effective communication.
The Department is known for its warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. In a large and, at times, overwhelming university setting, our faculty goes to great lengths to create a welcoming space where our students can feel at home.