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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
The profession of engineering is becoming increasingly global, including geographically distributed design teams, multinational companies and operations, global customer bases and markets, regional and international standards, culturally influenced approaches to research and development, and a world-view of the environment.
As a result, there is a need for students to develop a global perspective of their technical field and profession.

Global competency is essential for engineers from any country that now compete in the international market for engineering know-how. No longer is cultural sensitivity needed only for product design destined for diverse markets. Increasingly, successful entry into the engineering profession requires significant intercultural skills in order to join efficient and productive collaborations with diverse engineering colleagues. Those colleagues may be encountered “virtually” at a distance, in person at an international site, or next door in the office of a multinational corporation. Outsourcing is increasing, not only for products but also for processes, including highly technical engineering work. Projects are distributed across sites and effective collaboration requires professionals who can work productively with colleagues who are very different from themselves.


The initiative of Dr. Eugene Berman, Head of the Center for Global Engineering, is based on 30 years of developing complimentary applications as CAD/CAM/CAE, interdisciplinary approach in Engineering (Mechatronics) and training models .
The integration of that knowledge and application led him to a platform for collaborative Engineering projects.

The aim of the Center is to upgrade the environment for engineering collaboration to a global dimension.


This Center as a joint endeavor of the Faculty of Engineering is a pivot of interdisciplinary research and teaching activities, related to Global aspects in Engineering.
It will help to internationalize of our Faculty/university and will enrich our academic students' knowledge and researchers possibilities, by introducing the global dimension.
It will also empower the interaction between other faculties and ours.
I assume that the government, industry and funds will be interested in our activities
and will be willing to invest.
This will be one of the first Centers in this domain.