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The Earth and
Planetary Image Facility

Following you will find some of the interesting Remote Sensing lectures given at the Israeli Geographical Association (IGA) Conference that took place in the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: ​

Name of the lecture​PresentorPDF file​
​BGUSAT as a remote sensing research platform​Dan BlumbergBGUSAT as a remote sensing research platform.pdf
​Classifying Woody Mediterranean Species using Spectral and Phenological Observations​Gilad WeilClassifying Woody Mediterranean Species.pdf
​Statistics and Information Theory in Remote Sensing with SARAlejandro C. FreryStatistics and Information Theory in Remote Sensing with SAR.pdf
​Estimating Cotton Water Consumption Using a Time Series of Sentinel-2 Imagery​Offer RosensteinEstimating Cotton Water Consumption.pdf
​Estimation and Detection Limit of Organic Matter with Different Composition in Sand Dunes Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Point Spectroscopy​Nicolas FrancosEstimation and Detection Limit of Organic Matter.pdf
​GENESIS – Generator of Spectral Image Simulations​Tal FeingershGENESIS.pdf
​IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society​Paolo GambaIEEE GRSS.pdf
​Urban remote sensing: from local to global and backPaolo GambaUrban remote sensing.pdf
Multi-Source Spectral Approach for Early Water-stress Detection in Actual Field Irrigated Crops​Maria PolinovaMulti-Source Spectral Approach.pdf
​Spectroscopy of Wildfire Burned Products​​​Dar RpbertsSpectroscopy of Wildfire Burned Products.pdf
Phenomenological Algorithms in Remote Sensing: The Search for Desert Boundary​​​Maxim Shoshany Phenomenological Algorithms in Remote Sensing.pptx