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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
המחלקה להידרולוגיה ומיקרוביולוגיה של הסביבה
The Department of Environmental Hydrology & Microbiology 


The Department of Environmental Hydrology & Microbiology hosts a multidisciplinary academic staff, including hydrologists, hydrogeologists, microbiologists and chemists who investigate both fundamental and applied research questions.  As an international institute, we devote significant efforts towards the training of students and professionals in water-related subjects. We offer two unique graduate programs in the areas of Hydrology and Water Quality, and Desert Studies, as well as various educational opportunities such as internships.



Main research topics in the department include:

  • Flow and transport processes in groundwater systems
  • Flow and transport processes in the vadose zone
  • Remediation of contaminated water, sludge and soils
  • Biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater
  • Microbial diversity and ecology in natural and polluted desert environments
  • Biogeochemical processes in streams
  • Modeling of flow and transport phenomena
  • Stable isotope methods to study degradation processes of organic pollutants