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Technologies Ltd.

​BGN transfers technologies to the marketplace in various ways:​

Technology Licensing - BGN licenses technologies developed   at  BGU and enters into R&D agreements worldwide.

Sponsored Research Agreements - BGN conducts research for companies wishing to take advantage of BGU's expertise and facilities and represents the University in a number of consortia established between industry and academia for the development of generic know-how.

Start-up Companies  -  Many of BGU's inventions are new platform technologies or products and therefore have great Start-up potential. Some of these Start-ups can raise substantial funding right from start and operate as independent companies, while others will choose the Government-funded Technological Incubator alternative.

Advanced Technology Park

KUD has partnered with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Municipality of Beer-Sheva to develop the Advanced Technologies Park (ATP) in Beer-Sheva, which is designed to advance research and technology growth in Israel. The site in Beer-Sheva is located in the southern portion of Israel, directly adjacent to the main campus of Ben-Gurion University (BGU). The ATP project will include more than four million SF of new technology space on forty one acres of undeveloped land in two major components including a government development for the Israeli Defence Forces and a private component of the project. KUD is master developer for the 19-acre private component and will develop specialized technology and research buildings with two million SF of space. 


The ATP is expected to: 

provide significant new employment and business opportunities in affiliated industries and institutions; strengthen the maturing Israeli high-tech industries by housing emerging companies; attract new inward bound technology producers; and establish institutional research and technology companies that seek to locate their operations in Israel. 

ATP Website

BGU Cooporation

BGN Technologies keeps intensive contacts and on-going communication with industrial partners in Israel and worldwide. In the last few years alone, BGN signed agreements with over 200 companies including Israeli companies such as Elbit, Mekorot, Teva, Ormat, Evogene, Raphael, IAI, as well as worldwide companies such as IBM, EMC, ExxonMobil, Deutsche Telecom, Invitrogen, Lockheed-Martin and others.

These on-going relationships often result in further research collaborations, technology transfer, joint ventures and discovery of new common interests not identified before.

BGN Technologies is a partner at two technologies incubators that nurture new start-ups:

     • Capital Nature - alternative energy companies

     • JVP Cyber Labs - cyber security and big data companies

Start ups