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​​Kamada Announces Collaboration with BGN Technologies for Advanced Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Research with a Focus on Mechanism of Action. September 6, 2017

Groundbreaking Physiotherapy Device Licensed by BGN Technologies is Deployed by Spanish Real Sociedad Soccer Club. September 6, 2017​

Cybersecurity co Morphisec raises $12m. Febuary 19, 2018​

​Biosensorix pens pact to develop rapid dengue, stroke tests. Feb 26, 2018​

New low light camera tech will improve AR apps, facial recognition in smartphones​. March 5, 2018

Cockroaches, Turtles And Worms: Israeli Scientists Develop Nature-Inspired Robots For Space, Search & Rescue, Surgery​. March 6, 2018

Israel-Singapore partnership sires $5 devices to detect dengue fever, strokes. March 7, 2018

New infrared sensors could revolutionize phone cameras, AR glasses, and driverless cars. March 8, 2018​

From Israel's Negev Desert: Cool Tech for Cars. March 16, 2018​​

SilicoNegevBGU startup competition offers NIS 500,000 prize​. March 26, 2018

Startup competition aims to shine spotlight on innovation in the Negev. March 27, 2018​

Israeli researchers say new treatment could boot fertility in women and men. May 3, 2018.

Israeli researchers from BGU develop fertility booster compound. May 4, 2018.​

Researchers from BGU develop fertility booster. May 4, 2018.

Israeli researchers develop fertility booster for men and women. May 7, 2018.​

New fertility treatment for men and women being developed. May 8. 2018​

New fertility treatment for men and women. May 8, 2018.​

How Israel's desert bloomed into a high-tech club. May 9, 2018.

New fertility treatment for men and women being developed at Ben Gurion. May 8, 2018

BGU To Hold First SilicoNegev Entrepreneurship Event​. May 21, 2018​

Ben Gurion University Launches $1 Million Investment Fund, May 23, 2018.,7340,L-3738681,00.html 

Ben Gurion University Launches $1M Student Venture Fund. May 28, 2018

Ben-Gurion University Launches $1M Student-Led Venture Capital Fund. May 24, 2018​

BGU Offers graduates micro-grants, May 23, 2018