We are pleased to announce the opening of submissions for the Robin and Harold Vinegar Post-Doctoral Fellowship for 2016. The fellowship is generously contributed annually to the department by Robin and Harold Vinegar, starting from 2016. We wish to extend here our deepest gratitude to the Vinegars.
Guidelines for submission
Eligibility: This year as an exception enrolled postdocs can apply in addition to new postdocs who are now applying. Only postdocs who did not graduate from our department can apply. Existing postdocs can apply if they intend to conduct research at BGU until at least April 2017.
Fellowship amount: USD 10,000 paid in a single check during the excellence awards ceremony that will take place in early July 2016 (announcement will be made soon).
How to apply:
1.       CV of candidate and list of publications
2.       Research statement made by candidate
3.       Letter of recommendation by applicant supervisor
4.       Items 1 and 2 should be sent by candidate to The Geology Department (geology@exchange.bgu.ac.il)  
5.       Item 3 should be sent by applicant supervisor to the same e-mail.
Dead Line:
Applications must arrive by May 25, 2016 at noon.
Award committee*:
1.       Head of graduate student committee
2.       Dept. chair
3.       Member of graduate student committee
4.       Representative of the Vinegar family
* supervisors of applicants cannot be members of the award committee and must find ad hock replacement among active departmental faculty members.
Please submit your applications soon. Decisions will be announced by June 15, 2016.
Best regards,