​To assist visitors coming for a long term stay, the University operates Guest Apartments on RAGER Boulevard close to the Marcus Family Campus.

RAGER APARTMENT  (for singles or couples)
The apartment is fully furnished. It contain an LCD screen, cable TV, Internet wi-fi connection, air conditioning, shower and bathroom equipped with toiletries, sheets and towels, a kitchen equipped with utensils, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, toaster-oven and stove.

Check-in and Check-out
Arrangements must be made in advance.
Guests are kindly asked to check the apartment before departure to ensure that no personal belongings have been forgotten.

Key Collection
The faculty member should collect his key from the safe box, which is located on the first floor near the U-Tel Apartments Supervisor Office (U-Tel, First floor, apartment 103).
The code to the front door and the safe code will be sent by email the day before.

Key Return 
The key can be left on the table in the room / handed over to the Supervisor / left in the service-box at checkout.
If the key is not returned a 20 NIS fine will be charged.

Rates (per month):
(includes all the apartment expenses such as taxes, Internet connection and cable TV.)

  • Apartment on Rager Boulevard: NIS 2,500