Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

Please contact​ if you are interested in obtaining the print version of any of the following Springer titles which are being discarded due to online availability (additional titles are also available):


Semiconductor Devices for Optical Communication

Discrete-time Signal Processing

Distributed Detection and Data Fusion

Multiservice Loss Models for Broadband Telecommunication Networks

ISDN the Integrated Services Digital Network

Coding Theory , Cryptography and Related Areas

Wireless Algorithms, Systems and Applications

Fibre Optic Communication Devices

Cordless Telecommunications

Wireless Internet over GSM and UMTS

Discrete H Optimization

Scrambling Techniques for Digital Transmission

Digital Signal Processing in Telecommunication

Computer Networks and Systems: Queueing Theory….

Solar Thermal Energy Utilization 3 volumes

Energy Efficiency Improvement in Electric Motors and Drives

Power Supply in Telecommunications

Algebraic Methods for Signal Processing and Communications Coding

Cognitive Vision Systems

Optical Super Computing Passivity-Based Control of Euler Language Systems

Solar Energy Coversion

Nanostructured Magnetic Materials and Their Applications


Wafer Bonding

Evolutionary Web Development

L2-Gain and Passivity Techniques in Non-linear Control

Deep Water Gravity Waves

Bounded Dynamic Stochastic Systems

Structure and Synthesis of PID Control

System Identification and Robust Control

Genetic Algorithms for Contro and Signal Processing

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery for Process Monitoring and Control

Microcomputer-Based Adaptive Control Apllied to Thyristor-Driven DC-Motors

Non-Linear Model-Based Process Control

Performance Assessment of Control Loops

Precision Motor Control

Adaptive Internal Model Control