May. 22
- May. 23

Sde Boker Campus, BGU, Israel


The Summit

This upcoming summit will cover three main topics related to water security in a changing world: 

Desalination and water treatment, hydrology, and aquatic microbiology.

The conference will address applied and fundamental questions related to the nexus of water, humanity, and the environment. Invited talks by renowned speakers will discuss cutting-edge research, related challenges, and future directions as well as implications for policymakers. The summit will also include round table discussions with the active participation of the audience.

Researchers that would like to share their studies can submit an abstract for an exclusive poster session. 

Organizing Committee: Prof. Noam Weisbrod (BIDR Director, BGU, Israel), Prof. Amit Gross (ZIWR Director, BIDR, BGU, Israel), Prof. Edo Bar-Zeev (ZIWR, BIDR, BGU, Israel), Prof. Menachem Elimelech (Yale University, USA)

Further details and registration

The Zuckerberg Water Prize is an international award and welcomes the nomination of candidates researching, developing, or implementing impactful and lasting water knowledge, solutions, management, and policies all over the world. Nomination forms for the 2022 prize are now available. Deadline for Prize submission – March 1st, 2022.​

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