Jan. 14, 2020

Negative Cinema

​The Rocky Horror Picture Show is back- with a BANG!  And this time, for The Decade Show!

On Tuesday, January 14th, the Negative Theatre is proud to present the greatest cult film of all time! Whether you’re a hardcore fan or have never seen it… It’s time to come and enjoy the awesomely gruesome performance!

Nobody really knows how a movie based on a musical created as a parody of cheap horror flicks became the greatest cult film of all time. Performed and screened in theatres every year from 1975 till today, it’s clear that it is a unique phenomenon.

When you go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’s not like going to see just any movie- You will witness die-hard fans in crazy costumes and hear the audience participate enthusiastically by yelling remarks and dirty jokes at the screen (never ask your neighbor to be quiet during the performance)! And, of course, as the tradition goes- The screening will be accompanied by a live performance of actors (the “cast”) that will mime the movie in full costume, with Shadow Casting and lots of inappropriate humor!

Most of the Rocky Horror Picture Shows around the world are active screenings with different casts. Our homegrown cast is the Camel Toes Cast, proudly presenting Rocky Horror every semester since 2009, making it one of the oldest Rocky traditions in the country! The cast is made up of students and graduates of the University, and they make sure that no two performances are alike!

Make sure to get tickets and reserve your seat while there is still space!