May. 18, 2022

Saal Auditorium (#202), Alon Building for Hi-Tech (#37)

Blockchain Fundamentals with Ofir Eliasi, Co-founder of Nimble

Lecture Description:
Blockchain technology has been here for a while and we have recently seen agrowing number of use cases with a successful blockchain-based implementation.Whether it’s solving a real pain, an urge for innovation (or a FOMO), it seems like manypeople get involved in what can be done with this technology.
However, matching a problem with a proper solution requires a basic level ofunderstanding.
We will answer questions like: What is blockchain? How does it work? And what areits advantages and disadvantages?
In addition, we will discuss potential use cases and review relevant examples.

Ofir Eliasi
is a seasoned technology leader with 17+ years of experience in software development. Most of his career focused on early-stage startups with an emphasis onthe blockchain/crypto/NFT field. During the past year, he has established, anew startup aiming to solve some of the global cryptocurrency/NFT issues, as well asNimble, a supply chain finance solution. Ofir specializes in building cloud-basedlarge-scale platforms with the most relevant cutting-edge technologies.

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