Jul. 01, 2019

The U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)

Prof. Raz Aviad,  Department of Sociology - Anthropology
Dr. Shoshani Oriel, Department of Mechanical Engineering 
Dr. Bar-Kalifa Eran, Department of Psychology 
Dr. Zivan Roie, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management 
Prof. Mond Michael, Department of Mechanical Engineering 
Prof. Ashkenazy Yosef, Alexandre Yersin Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics 
Dr. Feniger Yariv and Dr. Pinson Halleli, Department of Education 
Prof. DeBotton Gal, Department of Mechanical Engineering 
Prof. Assor Avi, Department of Education 
Dr. Disegni Daniel, Department of Mathematics 
Dr. Kats Yevgeny, Department of Physics 
Dr. Eyal Tal, Department of Psychology 
Dr. Oren Sigal, Department of Computer Sciences


Start-up Awarded Grants:

​Dr. Treister Eran, Department of Computer Sciences 
Dr. Zehavi Meirav, Department of Computer Sciences


The RDA wishes all our researchers Success and a Fruitful Research!