Jun. 13, 2019

RDA meeting room

ONR naval.jpg

The Research and Development Authority invites interested researchers to a seminar with Dr. Patrick Rose, Science Director for Synthetic Biology, London Office, of the Office of Naval Research. 

The seminar will include information on:

1. The Collaborative Science Program, which provides financial support for workshops/symposia organized to convene world leaders in a specific field to discuss issues, challenges, and future expectations in the specific field.
2. The Visiting Scientist Program , which offers financial support for travel to the USA to meet with academia/industry/government and strengthen existing collaborations and realize new partnerships in an effort to jointly advance the cutting edge basic research projects.
3. The Naval International Cooperative Opportunities Program , which provides a grant to conduct basic research at non-US institutions and is intended to support cutting edge, blue sky, high risk/high reward basic research projects that have the potential to be innovative and disruptive in the field.

To register for the seminar, please complete the registration form